Carla Martin
Contemporary Christian
One Word
Ingsteph Ko
Deutsch Pop
Natu Swatu
Nokti et M.O.H
HipHop international
Une journee Hip Hop
DJ Donito
Only Time
Emilia Quinn


    Independent Music for artists and fans.

    Established in 2007, is on a mission to make sure that independent artists have a mechanism to compete in the rapidly changing world of digital media, offering access to new and emerging revenue streams. is bringing a new generation of digital media to everyone.


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    When you purchase from our website or one of our widgets on another site and your music will be available as soon as you purchase it. Songrila is trusted by fans, musicians, labels and industry partners.


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    It's that simple. Our customized widgets allow you to reach out to fans so they can buy from you!


    Any artist, self published content owner, or publisher can join Songrila as long as they represent the administrative rights to their songs or compositions.

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    Upload your content to Our proprietary technology will allow you to sell your music online instantly.

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    One simple form allows you to submit your music to social media, blogs and media services.

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    Songrila sells music, offering music fans the widest possible range of independent music to YouTube,Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Google Plus, and more!

    New,Exciting Music

    Our New, Exciting Music Facebook Group allows millions of people to discover, watch and share original songs. New, Exciting Music provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others.


    Songrila is the world’s online music store. Recording and uploading sounds to Songrila lets artists easily sell them privately to their friends or publicly through blogs, sites and social networks.

    Our Brands and Affiliations

    Our brands focus on Electronic Music, R&B, Gothic Rock Metal and independent artists around the world.


    Are you a hip hop artist looking for new fans? If so, you've landed at the right place. .

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    Song Profit™

    Song Profit™ is a performance-based advertising agency with distributed networks for music publishers and advertisers.

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    Incus Tunes

    For people who love music. Listen to over 30 million free songs.

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    Song Blaze

    Advertise your music to targeted buyers and Facebook fans. We send buyers to your music.

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    Vibin FM
    Vibin FM

    Vibin FM is for people who love electronic dance music. Each member has access to over 30 million electronic music tunes from every genre.

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    Purple Bars
    Purple Bars

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