Free service

  • No risk through start-up costs or fees, our service is entirely free

Flexible pricing

  • We don’t want to dictate prices for your music, select your own price scales..
  • Choose between prices from 0,59 EUR to 1,29 EUR (in your currency) for individual tracks.
  • Offer special bundle prices for albums.

Division of profits

  • Artists receive around 85 percent of the earnings from all sales.
  • Costs incurred in the sale: Payment, streaming and hosting costs, possibly MCPS or other collecting rights societies. Here’s a model calculation: model_calculation.pdf.
  • See all available sales prices and the respective distributed amounts: price_scales.pdf.

Accounting and payout

  • Transparency through monthly settlements in PDF format, including a detailed record of all sales with additional information (consumers country of origin etc.).
  • Get paid once your account balance exceeds 20 EUR.
  • Choose between PayPal, Click&Buy and bank transfer as payout options.

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