Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much does Songrila cost?

SONGRILA.COM is free. There a no start-up costs or fees for registration or membership.

How can I delete my account?

Email us anytime at [email protected].

Buying music

How do I pay for the music?

ClickandBuy. If you don’t have a free account already, go here.

Do I have to register in order to buy music?

Yes, we need to provide reliable accounting for our artists.

Download problems?

No worries! You can re-download any purchased track within your account free of charge.

Selling music

How can I sell my songs via SONGRILA.COM?

1. Register as artist. 2. Upload songs. 3. Spread players and start selling.

Where will my music be available?

Wherever you put your Songrila player. That is all over the web, e.g. your MySpace profile or website. And on

What’s the profit split?

Ihr bekommt 80 Prozent vom Gewinn, wir 20 Prozent. Der Gewinn entspricht dem Umsatz abzüglich unserer Kosten, die durch den Verkauf entstehen. Weitere Informationen findest du unter Konditionen (für Künstler: hier / für Labels: hier).

How do I get my money?

You get paid monthly once your account balance exceeds 20 EUR. Choose between PayPal, Click&Buy and bank transfer (available in selected countries).

I could not upload my songs, what happened?

Please check the bitrate of the song files you tried to upload. SONGRILA requires 192 kbit/s minimum. We recommend Audiograbber convert your original wave files.

What´s the best way to spread my Songrila Player?

Mp3, DRM, sound quality

What's the format of the songs?

We offer mp3s that work with any mp3 player.

What about copy protection?

There is none, we\’re not too keen on DRM.

What's the quality of your mp3s?

192 kbit/s and higher.

Collecting rights societes (MCPS, ASCAP etc), legal stuff, cover versions

I´m with MCPS, ASCAP, SPACEM etc. Can I sell my music via Songrila?

Of course, just make sure you provide correct meta data for your songs. We take care of the entire accounting process with all collecting rights societies. Naturally you can sell music via Songrila, if your not registered with a collecting rights society.

What kind of material can I upload?

You need to have distribution rights for the songs you upload.

What about cover versions?

You are welcome to upload cover versions, as long as you quote the original composer, lyricist and publisher correctly.

New: Sell your music at Facebook.
Just post the url of your album together with some information at Facebook and the player is available. More....... | more