Stronger Than You - Single - Caleb Hyles

Stronger Than You - Single

Caleb Hyles

  • Genre: Tribute
  • Release Date: 2015-07-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • â„— 2015 Caleb Hyles


Title Artist Time
Stronger Than You Caleb Hyles 4:19 USD 0.99


  • Wrong name. The wrong gender. Who cares still great.

    By OMGMovies
    Boo hoo it's not a female, boo hoo wrong name. Stop your whining and listen. That's right it's great so don't get your fanboy pants in a twist or your feminist mode in full gear, it's a great song made by a talented man and if you can't see that then go start a flame war in the comments.
  • Loved it

    By Tora126
    I always love when I find another version of a Steven Universe song to listen to. I liked the song mash up they did with this one.
  • Not actually misleading.

    By BadMonkey71
    While the preview only has the song "do it for him" this actually has "stronger than you" in it as well. It even has "peridot's rap" in it as well.
  • Hold up people's!!!

    By Warfstache
    A lot of people are saying this is misleading, it's the wrong song and stuff. But the truth is this is a song mash of "Do it for her" and "Stronger Than You"!!! Caleb, the singer in this song, should've put a better title and made the demo both songs. But that's no reason to rate badly. Caleb is an amazing singer, but yah, he did make a misleading title...but either way I hope this helped!
  • Wrong Title

    By Shayna9
    Please update the name of the song. This is "Do it for Him/Her" :/
  • Shut Up About The Title

    By BSaich
    It's doesn't matter if this is being sang by a male or if it's the wrong song title THIS MAN IS A FANTASTIC SINGER
  • Ehh.

    By #Hopeful
    Some people say it has a bit of "Stronger than you" in it, but still everyone in the Steven Universe community was looking for Garnet's amazing and inspiring song. Great singing but please change the name!
  • Deceiving

    By Book lover😊
    This is a good song and you did a good job but this is not stronger than you. I know some people say that it is a mix but I think you should have put stronger than you\what ever song that other one was. I only suggest that you do this because some people ONLY wasn't stronger than you and not a mix.

    By I love snakes
    Hello, everyone. I hope this review is at the top so it's actually useful. This song, as we all can see, is titled Stronger Than You. Most people play the demo and think: "No, this is not Stronger Than You; this is Do It for Her." Upon purchasing it myself, I know that this song actually is a mix of both Do It for Her AND Stronger Than You. The demo only covers the Do It for Her portion, explaining why so many people don't think that this has Stronger Than You in it. However, it does. I very much enjoy having this in my playlist. It really lightens my day. Thank you so much for creating this. Many people appreciate your wonderful voice. :) ~ Enelis
  • This is Great!

    By Jesswiftca
    But, as a fan of the should have the right. The real title is 'Do It for Her'. And, I really just wish I could find the official soundtrack.