Culcha Vulcha - Snarky Puppy

Culcha Vulcha

Snarky Puppy

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 2016-04-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2016 GroundUP Music LLC


Title Artist Time
Tarova Snarky Puppy 3:39 USD 1.29
Semente Snarky Puppy 7:11 USD Album Only
Gemini Snarky Puppy 5:15 USD 1.29
Grown Folks Snarky Puppy 7:57 USD Album Only
Beep Box Snarky Puppy 4:01 USD 1.29
Snarky Puppy 8:53 USD Album Only
The Simple Life Snarky Puppy 4:01 USD 1.29
Palermo Snarky Puppy 6:37 USD 1.29
Big Ugly Snarky Puppy 9:09 USD Album Only
Jefe Snarky Puppy 8:51 USD Album Only


  • Awesome

    By Williamlbuntonsr
    They are just as good live as they are on record!!!!!! Can't wait for the next concert, enjoyed them at the Berks jazz fest.
  • All hail Snarky Puppy!

    By Twistedm17
    I discovered Snarky through "we like it here" and have been hooked ever since, I couldn't believe there was this massive band creating some of the best music I've ever heard. This album is different, it's not a live album like "we like it here" it's a studio one but it's still amazing and they're great song writers and players. Before you let these hyper critical reviews cloud your judgement, just buy the cd and listen for yourself. They put so much time and effort and energy into this in an age where it's so incredible hard to make money and be a professional musician outside of pop music, so if you like snarky, buy the album, or 2.
  • Artist are Supposed to Grow!!!

    By jtissel
    For all of the overly critical people saying Snarky fell off?? Why, because it's "different"?? It's supposed to be dummies, that's called life, growth, different emotions, & Lastly, Because it's their Musical Responsibility to keep pushing. Wether or not we like it really isn't relevant, cause we're Never going to like everything someone does! So ease the F up with all the Ridiculous criticism.
  • The Best

    By Chris Schopmeyer
    These guys are awesome. Part of the joy finding and following true artists is hearing and experiencing what they have to say or express from season to season. While this album isn't as thrilling as their previous records, it doesn't matter. It is silly and crazy to expect every album to offer more surprises than the last. This is a fabulous record with great, thoughtful grooves and melodies. I love being a fan and on the journey with this group. I am looking forward to years, if not decades, of creative work to come. Hope they can stay grounded and free as they move further and further up.
  • Great!

    By seanyoonn
    Absolutely snarky
  • I little less "Snarky" than expected...

    By Expecting
    So I'll start with the obligatory "Snarky Puppy are one of the best bands around." They are my favorite band personally, and the string of albums that is "Tell Your Friends" through "Sylva" are all 5/5 albums to me. Perfection. When I saw the teaser trailer for this album, I was quickly excited to see they would be in the studio, and Michael League himself stated he wanted it to yield to a different result. So is it wrong for me to think this collective of creative geniuses would use the studio as an instrument in itself and come out with some crazy, trippy, out-of-this-world album that would be so filled to the brim with insane production and nuance that at least a few of the songs wouldn't even be able to be pulled off live? Well.. I was wrong.. This album is better than most music being put out today, but compared to the masterpieces that preceded it, it falls short. These songs ALL sound easier to play live than "What About Me?" or the monstrous "The Clearing". The studio is hardly being pushed to its creative boundaries and what we get is easily the least "snarky" album in about a decade. My philosophy with Snarky Puppy is "come for the hooks, stay for the solos." Songs like "Lingus", "Young Stuff", and "The Curtain" rewarded multiple listens because you unraveled a little bit more from each solo every time you heard it. This album doesn't really do the same. There is one great, trippy, elephant-like sax solo that I really like on this album, but the other solos are barely memorable, and Mr. Maher's trumpet solo sounds a little too much like his solo on "The Clearing". And the hooks aren't pulling their weight either compared to previous albums. Most of these songs are just heavy grooves, and the "studio quality" sounds great from a producer/engineer standpoint, but it's not really adding much. The songs that do benefit the most from the production are "Gemini" and "Beep Box" which both are not Michael League songs, but J. Stanton and C. Bullock respectively. And those two are the best on the album I think. I was expecting more spacey, moody, and diverse tracks like those two, but this album lacks in diversity compared to say the incredible diversity of "We Like It Here". "Palmero" and "The Simple Life" especially are two of the most forgettable songs Snarky Puppy has ever written. The front 5 tracks of this album is where the better stuffs at. The whole album is good, and it's Snarky Puppy for sure, but I can't help but feel critical because these guys have set a standard for themselves with their last four proper albums, and this one falls short. I was just expecting way more. They shouldn't have thought about live performance or anything and just pulled a "Sergeant Pepper's" and just played with the studio to make the most insanely snarky music possible. But this is their blandest record in quite sometime. I enjoy this record, but I don't listen to Snarky Puppy for enjoyment, I listen to be blown away.
  • Digging deeper

    By ef4tless
    Any puppy fans out there know the often stated goal of the music is that it's there's as much for the brain as the body. This newest piece cannot be taken lightly. The production subtle the pieces are stitched together so intricately--one listening is not going to wring it all out. Buy this and you'll be referring to it for the rest of your listening days. I'm not exaggerating. Just get it.
  • Amazing album!

    By ItsmeNick
    Not my favorite Snarky album, but still incredible. Can't wait to see em perform some of these live.
  • A disappointment - FOR REAL! From a REAL fan.

    By tlark418
    Let me start off by stating that I am one of Snarky Puppy's faithful fans. I have All of the CDs. I know what this group, in all of its iterations, is capable of creating and sounding like. This, however, was a lack luster, mediocre effort in writing. I feel that it was a waste of time and talent to go into the studio and put this production together. Reason being: it sounds like lounge music; the stuff you hear in modern hotel lobbies and on Virgin Air liners. The rhythm became the melody on 85% of the tunes. The tunes sound like long looped music. You guys could have skipped bringing in the Live musicians and had the computers loop this thing for less than what you spent on this production. I'm being critical because of the body of work you have previously given to the world is far superior to this effort. Your previous efforts are head and shoulders above this production. I'm disappointed and let down. I'm still a fan, though,because I know what you guys, especially you Michael, are capable of giving us. All musicians hit a wall creatively. Ask all of the greats that are still around (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Jean Luc Ponty, etc.) if they made albums that they are not proud of and they will all say "yes". This offering hear makes me think you guys hit a wall in the creative area. So, because you guys aren't the first to have this happen to, I will give you a pass this time and stay on the Snarky Puppy train. Just don't put out anything less than you ABSOLUTE BEST ever again. Thanks!
  • Snarky Puppy Never Lets You Down

    By cowinbaby
    As the band has mentioned in various videos, they have decided to take the studio approach to recording this album rather than the live performances they’ve been releasing lately, and it shows. Played flawlessly in the fitting pockets, amazing grooves, rhythms, progressions and melodies. As a whole, the album is phenomenal. Personally my favorites of the album are the following: Tarova Semente Grown Folks (This song grooves like none other!) Go Big Ugly Jefe For the record, that’s 6/10 songs, and I still thoroughly enjoy the other songs!

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