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  • Yes

    By bakugouisme
    This is great I’ve never heard something this good in a while

    By Kalidreamine
    Bruhhh the music is bomb?? REOL is a legend. My ears are blessed and I’m just so pumped.
  • Beautiful and different

    By EricT424
    Sigma is where my love of Reol and her music spawned, starting with Summer Horror Party. The whole album offers something different in every song, different tones, etc. Personally I love Give Me A Break Stop Now and 404 Not Found for their meanings if you’ve read a translation, they feel so unbelievably relatable and fun to listen to. There’s not a song on here I don’t love. 100/10 would recommend to all
  • Wow here song is amazing 😉

    By sgjcvhfgh
    をを入れlove hereそんg
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    By Onii chan 420
    I love this!
  • REOL is amazing........... but

    By Myan412921
    I like her songs and it helps that Im learning japanese but some of her songs are not my favorite like final sigma and give me a break but other than that she should make more songs in my opinion that are good
  • Oh, Reol.

    By RandomOtaku05
    We'll miss you and Giga working together, but your solo work is AMAZING! I love it!
  • Perfect

    By Angelblood_artist
    I've been a fan of reol for god knows how long and this album makes me so happy and proud. Reol's music has grown and evolved and I still deeply admire her musical talent. I'm in love with every single track, which is rare for me when it comes to albums, and I'm mesmerized by the vocal power packed in Reol's singing. Absolutely amazing, I love Reol!
  • So Addictive

    By SomeCallMeKarl
    Reol was completely unknown to me a week ago. I happened to click on one of her songs during a related artist binge (big J-metal fan), and now I'm addicted to this album. Her voice is amazing, the beats are tight, and I guarantee you'll be dancing along. 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  • Very good

    By Beau_ba_fett
    Enjoyable to listen to over and over