American Idiot - Green Day

American Idiot

Green Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 1998-03-03
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2004 Reprise Records


Title Artist Time
American Idiot Green Day 2:54 USD 1.29
Jesus of Suburbia Green Day 9:08 USD 1.29
Holiday Green Day 3:52 USD 1.29
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day 4:20 USD 1.29
Are We the Waiting Green Day 2:43 USD 1.29
St. Jimmy Green Day 2:55 USD 1.29
Give Me Novacaine Green Day 3:26 USD 1.29
She's a Rebel Green Day 2:00 USD 1.29
Extraordinary Girl Green Day 3:33 USD 1.29
Letterbomb Green Day 4:06 USD 1.29
Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day 4:45 USD 1.29
Homecoming Green Day 9:19 USD 1.29
Whatsername Green Day 4:12 USD 1.29


  • American idiot album

    By Bigdog038
    This is the type of album that you play so many times you can almost hear the next song playing as you finish the previous song. The whole album is sole candy.
  • The album of my childhood

    By Sparkle17780
    This album is so great, and I still love the songs, years later. My parents would listen to this album, and now I associate it with my childhood of swimming in the pool, running through the yard, swinging and sliding down the water slide... this album is so good and so nostalgic for me.
  • A phenomenal rock album

    By Karensita!!!
    This rock “opera” perfectly sums up the histeria of the post- 9-11 America. Solid songs written in a time capsule.
  • Still can’t beat dookie but comes in second

    By fdaxt
    My favorites are are we the waiting holiday Jesus of suburbia boulevard of broken dreams and American idiot
  • 12/10

    By decentcracker
    This is part of my child hood👌😭😩
  • need clean version

    By Kuelade
    i want to be able to play songs with my parents
  • A time for anger

    By The Joelest
    This album came out during a prominent time in our nation. We were at war with Iraq due to the events on September 11th, only a few years ago. The nation was entering a dark period of zenophobia and war. Green Day was a washed up punked band up to this point, but then they came out with this album and gave the angry youth a voice. This album plays like a staged play, similar to Pink Floyd or The Who. The album tells the story Saint Jimmy and Whatever. Get political and feel something.
  • Best Album EVER!

    By Jack Apple Pro1988
    So i have 2 of the songs and they are the best. the songs i have are Holiday, Boulevard of broken dreams love this album great job Green Day
  • Good

    By southsidemania2991
    I enjoy it
  • By far Green Day’s best album

    By razorbackslllllllll
    I love all the songs on this album American idiot:7/10 fast and quick Jesus of Suburbia:10/10 second best song on the album Holiday: 7/10: great Boulevard of broken dreams: 5/10: overrated Are we the waiting: 6/10: good just a little slow St. Jimmy: 9/10: third best song on the album Give me a noivacane: 9/10very good fifth best on album She’s a rebel: 8/10 catchy song Extraordinary girl: 5/10: worst on album Letterbomb: 9/10: forth best on album Wake me up when September ends: 7/10: sad good message Homecoming: 1000/10: best song makes me cry every time Whatshername: 7/10: good song