Balancê - Sara Tavares


Sara Tavares

  • Genre: Brazilian
  • Release Date: 2005-11-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2005 World Connection BV / Times Square


Title Artist Time
Balancê Sara Tavares 4:32 USD 0.99
Born Feeling Sara Tavares 4:29 USD 0.99
Lisboa Kuya Sara Tavares 4:33 USD 0.99
Ess Amor Sara Tavares 4:02 USD 0.99
One Love Sara Tavares 4:35 USD 0.99
Poka Terra Sara Tavares 4:26 USD 0.99
Amor É Sara Tavares 3:23 USD 0.99
Dam Bô Sara Tavares 5:38 USD 0.99
Guisa Sara Tavares 4:34 USD 0.99
Planeta Sukri Sara Tavares 4:31 USD 0.99
Novidadi Sara Tavares 3:51 USD 0.99
Muna Xeia Sara Tavares 6:27 USD 0.99
De Nua Sara Tavares 5:23 USD 0.99



    By GabrielJacmel
    I found out about this artist by accident, someone I know was playing her CD. So, I had gone to youtube to look her up, and saw the interview she had done on this album. I saw the music video to Balance' and had to get the album the song I enjoy the most is track #10 Planeta Sukri. It have a little bit of samba and bossa nova mix to it. This is definitely an album worth purchasing, I hope to see her perform in the States soon.
  • Totally Amazing Album

    By Mike-stro
    A few months ago, I heard Sara Tavares interviewed on the radio. I was so impressed with her music, that I came home, found it on the internet, and replayed the interview for my wife. We wrote her name on a scrap of paper and stuck it to the refrigerator. I could hardly contain my excitment when I found her album while surfing iTunes. Sara's voice is beautifully clear, and full of feeling and emotion. Qualities that jump out and touch your heart. Regretably, I don't understand many of the lyrics, however I doesn't seem to matter. My favorite song is the title track (Balance). Although, I found enough interest and variety in the rest of the music to gladly purchased the full album.
  • Sara is a true wonder!

    By Artoni
    Sara has a special vibe & insight that allows her to hear and convey all the colors of the rainbow and deliver them to our ears & than straight to our hearts. She fills my heart with a joy that makes me scream with happiness. Wow what a treasure...Bom Feeling
  • impeccable...

    By Asha T
    please...I implore this for yourself...this is an absolutely breathtaking album. My favorite is Guisa....your heart will just ache, it's so beautiful!
  • Happily Soulful

    By Navaluke
    Happiness and soul seem mutually exclusive sometimes in music, but Sara Tavares blends them perfectly. An Excellent Album. I heard Sara in an interview on the radio. The way she could infuse her songs with different rhythms was amazing. I enjoy her clean acustic qualities and look forward towards future albums.
  • Say WHAT?

    By MaddyMc
    "More pleasant than substantive?" I don't know what that iTunes reviewer was smoking when s/he made that comment! This album _is_ substantive, and beautiful, and soulful. Listen to Muna Xeia: this is Sara's lullaby to her mother, her grandmother, and all the women in the world. That's just one little example of substantivity. Her voice sends shivers down my spine. Buy it. All of it.
  • I love it!

    By Ashelia
    I first heard this album in my sister's car and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day (in a good way). I don't understand a word that she is saying but this is truly a beautiful album to listen to and her voice is so pure and relaxing. I love the entire album but my favorite songs are Balance, Born Feeling, Lisboa Kuya, Amor e (which I play to death sometimes) and De Nua. Buy this album. I promise you will not be disappointed. Sara Tavares is a very talented woman. I also recommend Ceu by Ceu for your listening pleasure.
  • Lindo

    By @NY
    I love this album, beautiful. It's full of African, Portuguese and Brasilian referencies, the lirics are great. Great job. She's beautiful too.
  • Pure Genius

    By nobodywhoknows
  • Great CD

    By Midjinha
    As soon as she changed to a more capeverdian (african) style Sara improved and this is what she sould've been singing since the bigining. Love the CD and i can't wait to see her.

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