Sorry (DJ Version) - EP - Madonna

Sorry (DJ Version) - EP


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-02-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 2006 Warner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Sorry Madonna 4:41 USD 1.29
Sorry (Man With Guitar Mix) Madonna 7:23 USD 1.29
Sorry (PSB Maxi-Mix) Madonna 8:34 USD 1.29
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold Remix) Madonna 7:12 USD 1.29
Sorry (Green Velvet Remix) Madonna 6:05 USD 1.29


  • Two Worlds Collide

    By himynameisbrent
    I love Pet Shop Boys almost as much as I love Madonna. But I never even considered the possibility of a collaboration. Somehow I thought she would find them too fussy and they would find her too imperious. So when I first heard the PSB Maxi-Mix of Sorry, I nearly went apoplectic with joy. It is simply brilliant. Part of me hopes for them to revisit this partnership in the future, but part of me knows that nothing could top this.
  • Unforgivably amazing!!

    By Evilcityboi
    This once again proves Madonna is the Queen of Pop!!
  • Madonna <3

    By Matoor
    I love u Madonna.....ur amazing <3
  • So sorry! Of course with the PSB collaborating Double plus good stunning! What a mix!

    By OnehitwonderJoseAntonio:Worthycause!HappyjimmyJoeflowers
    Had a chance to meet the queen of future dance music"Madonna" in 89 during Cherish the hit song &video at the time... Dick Tracey was out in the big screen & vogue was released. What a time for future lovers and music! Madonna said, "Hello!" I was so nervous. My friend Jesse"SHIRLEY" YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW!!! threw me into her circle of dance. My instinct was to grab this perfect moment and dance with miss M. HER SECURITY GUARDS ALL AROUND HER AND THE DANCE FLOOR - WAS THROWN ONTO MADONNA DANCE FLOOR AT :"CATCH ONE"THE NIGHT CLUB AT THE TIME! Wanna dance?! I THOUGHT TO MYSELF AFTER MADONNA SAID HELLO TO ME?! f,,,ck yes!!!! I WAS HAVING A TIME OF MY LIFE! WITNESSED BY MY GOOD FRIENDSI TALK ABOUT A BIG DREAM COME TRUE! Looking back in my life,after taking yoga classes now 2011: yoga teacher always said "always dream big..." I always did. Thanks Baby, Madonna!!!!! BACK THEN Thought about it all night - morning and I couldnt sleep that whole night. YOU KNOW I Fell in love with HOLLYWOOD/" The Cherish video beach/LA! So happy I could die!!!! Glad The Pet shop boys had a chance to spend that magic moment in time with her sexy (mind) dance energy.. My favorite combination of music artist I have collected since the mid 80"s.
  • Sorry

    By Justin9995
    Very great song and remixes! Good job, Madonna!
  • The perfect sound

    By Filiberto Bustamante
    Eres incomparable Madonna!!! Vamos no te dejes copiar de otras artistas... Animo que haun nosquedan conos que tirar, eres la reina del pop... Y todos apoyemos a Madonna así q todos los fans !!! Apoyar a Madonna, no le pueden tumbar su puesto!!!!

    By Marsan-O
  • Not Sorry

    By Remix Enthusiast
    There needs to be no apology for the awesomeness of this song. The original version of "Sorry" is already a contagious dance anthem. Pet Shop Boys add a little extra seasoning on the beat and a special vocal contribution on this already great song. I'm not as much of a Paul Oakenfold fan as I was in the mid-90's. And, his interpretation of this song didn't do much to change that. But, it is worth buying for the fact that it is unlike many of his new remixes. I strongly recommend this EP. It's truly a classic.
  • She is the Queen of Pop!!!

    By Gisgirl
    Like her music,personality,and the good taste for music...she's still the girl!! Queen of pop,for the youngest and older generations,she is the real deal!!! Even know I grow up with her music from the 80's and 90's,compare it with the madonna's from today, she is doing great in a few ways...keeping up with the new millenium,she is great!!!
  • she made these for a reason!

    By vmk_closed:( :( !!
    i saw a group of people that didn't like these remixes because they're long and repeat themselves. well madona was trying to hit people like me that just love electronic mixes and dance. it is normal in the genre to have lots of parts with no words and to repeat themselves. another thing i say is this isn't meant for a club. well, it isn't, but u can dance to it. i love this new beat to the song!

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