Most Girls - Single - Hailee Steinfeld

Most Girls - Single

Hailee Steinfeld

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2017 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Most Girls Hailee Steinfeld 3:24 USD 1.29


  • Love love you

    By destinylovesluke
    Oh my gosh girl your voice is so so pure and beautiful your gonna go so far in your music career i love you so so much
  • Awesome

    By PhasP
    Do one with Camila Cabello!!!
  • Awesome. Triplethreat and she is like most girls

    By em2bill
    Great track!
  • Horrible song

    By Bshahsxb
    It's just so badddd
  • I think some people are confused

    By emilyday137
    "Most Girls" is a play on terms...typically, girls find themselves trying to convince people they AREN'T like most girls, with the implication being that "most girls" are doing something wrong. This song subverts that problem by highlighting the positives of most girls, and the different choices they may or may not make. Saying that "I WANT to be like most girls" is empowering in the context of the song—it's a call for girls to band together and lift each other up, instead of tear each other down. It's okay to be like other girls sometimes, because girls are not inherently wrong!
  • Wrong message

    By cruiserxt
    But great song
  • Sexist

    By Yayiwiejskajsjdj
    Most girls? Why not men? Wow

    By jjjjj40
    She rocked this song it's so good!!
  • Aight.

    By #kingshaunjadin
    I'm being honest, when I think that the message of this song is pretty stupid. First of all, she is telling girls that if they want to be different then that's good. It's not. Also she’s only saying “most girls” so if you ARE gonna talk about that in a song, then don’t make it seem like there is a girl out there that isn’t smart and strong and beautiful. Secondly, ANYONE doesn't like something about themself, this song should make people feel like they can pull through. This song is kind of insulting, because I’m a guy and even though she used her great voice and this hot summer trendy tropical beat, she's talking like people all around the world (not just girls) aren't experiencing some sort of pain they may want to pull through. Cmon now. Also, put some effort into these reviews guys. Don’t just say trash and generic, rate it on more.
  • Empowering, don't get confused

    By YouNeedNotKnowMyName
    This song is soooooo incredible from its beats to its message. Ik there is a lot of confusion about how it says be like most girls, and trust me, I get it. I thought the same thing. But then my perspective changed. Music is all about perspective. What it looks like to YOU. So if u say it means go with the crowd, then who am I to tell u otherwise. I am just telling u all MY perspective. I think this song is saying "hey! Us girls are all of this and we deserve to not be ignored. So let's rock this world. I want to be like most girls bc girls are strong beautiful people that are entrepreneurs and who make their own path. We make our own paths. We follow each other in DOING that, not that we copy each other exactly." To me this song values individuality and community at the same time. It also tells u that ITS OK to want to put makeup on, or workout, or dress up. Bc our parents and family always tell us it doesn't matter what u look like. And that's true. But wat makes us feel GOOD about ourselves DOES matter. And if dressing a little nice and putting a bit of makeup on does that for u, go for it! We feel best if we r comfortable with ourselves, inside and out. <3

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