Evolution (Deluxe) - Disturbed

Evolution (Deluxe)


  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-10-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2018 Reprise Records


Title Artist Time
Are You Ready Disturbed 4:21 USD 1.29
No More Disturbed 3:52 USD 1.29
A Reason to Fight Disturbed 4:44 USD 1.29
In Another Time Disturbed 4:11 USD 1.29
Stronger on Your Own Disturbed 4:01 USD 1.29
Hold On to Memories Disturbed 5:03 USD 1.29
Saviour of Nothing Disturbed 4:12 USD 1.29
Watch You Burn Disturbed 4:20 USD 1.29
The Best Ones Lie Disturbed 4:02 USD 1.29
Already Gone Disturbed 4:28 USD 1.29
The Sound of Silence (Live) [f Disturbed 4:52 USD 1.29
This Venom Disturbed 4:19 USD 1.29
Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Rem Disturbed 3:36 USD 1.29
Uninvited Guest Disturbed 3:55 USD 1.29


  • One of my favorite album

    By Lizzie Borden
    While I agree this is a different sound to Disturbed the voice is the same (awesome) the band sounds incredible as always and you can’t ignore the messages in these songs. I personally have battled depression and even a suicide attempt years ago I can tell you this music fills my heart and soul.
  • Different but still awesome music

    By captrips
    Upon first listen, I completely expected to come here and see bad reviews. It's hard for loyal fans when their favorite kickass bands try out a different softer style. Not a lot of fist-pumping along with this one BUT after accepting that fact, it can and should be judged for the quality of the music (and not that it may not have enough of your expected style). There is a lot of range in this album. 'Are you Ready' is closest to their old metal sound and there are some catchy tunes as well (No More, In Another Time) and some real heartfelt ballads that sound great, especially 'Reason to Fight' which addresses the pain the band feels over the loss of so many rock icons to addiction in recent years. David's incredible vocals sell all of the emotion in every song. My advice to anyone curious to check this out, go in with an open mind and check expectations at the door. This album is fantastic and showcases all that Disturbed is capable of.
  • Meh

    By Eztro
    Remember 2008? Yeah, that was the last time these guys made something worth listening to. What a shame.
  • WOW..

    By FoodStampChamp
    What happened to this band?? These songs are dreadfully slow , unoriginal, and just weak. Every band eventually hits the songwriting wall and I guess it's Disturbed's turn. Save your money and just listen to the first couple albums again.
  • 🤘🏻

    By V & J 22
  • Excellent

    By v(v_v)v
    I didn’t like this album at first but as I listened to it, I understood. It is a great album.
  • Gave me chills and tears!!!!

    By HappyHippyChica
    Wonderful as always!!!! I am a 60 years old fan since day one and will be until I go deaf or die!
  • Back to their roots and better

    By herri bucsh
    I’ve been listening to them since they started. This album is incredible it’s worth every penny of the $13. I really hope they come to South Florida. There is no metal bands anymore this is definitely one that stands the test of time.
  • Pleasantly surprised

    By DM2222
    David Draiman and the rest of the band are in their late 40s so I wasn’t expecting an album like the early days (everybody gets older). It’s more mellow but I just like it. I saw disturbed live a few weeks ago and the guy can still belt it out. The good news is that if you want the sound of the early albums... you can always play the early albums.
  • Dissapointing

    By Dan Hunsinger
    I can't give it a 4 star but it has 4 star quality. What really knocks it down for me peronally is the Talk box gimmick and some of the decesions I feel they wouldn't have made. Some of the things I hear feel like a Producer telling them to write a certain way. Example- "In Another Time". The Intro is awesome and I actually like the unveiling effect they use. It's a great intro but the slow down ruined it for me. No need for the slow down before the main riff. I would have kept the intro exactly the same, remove the slow down and punch everyone in the face with jumping right in to the main riff. The main Riff is perfect. It's simple yet amazingly driving. It's what I expect from them and it delievers in spades. 5 star riff there. THEN the talk box beginning vocals just gives you a crappy feeling about this song. I hate that with a passion. It's so over used and I feel Distrubed shouldn’t be using it ever. They don't need to in any way to enhance any of their songs. The song would be way more powerful without it then with it. I think it knocks the song down 2 stars. Overall the song is great but I would rerelease it with my changes. But what do I know I'm just a basement guitar player.

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