Patience - Single - Chris Cornell

Patience - Single

Chris Cornell

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2020-07-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • A Universal Music Enterprises release; ℗ 2020 Chris Cornell, under exclusive license to


Title Artist Time
Patience Chris Cornell 4:13 USD 1.29


  • Not released for a reason

    By syddon
    Bland and barely listenable. Chris didn't release this because it was mediocre.
  • A couple things...

    By 🅱️eston😂🔫
    Chris, I am one of your biggest fans. You were one of the people that got me into music in the first place. I’ve heard all of your music, Soundgarden, audioslave, temple of the dog, solo, and even that cover of whole lotta love with Santana. You have become easily my biggest influence. But this song isn’t your best, I have to say. Your voice is spot on incredible, but it’s just not the best song I’m sorry. But I have to say thank you, for everything you have done. You have inspired me like no one else. We miss you man. R.I.P
  • It’s not good

    By Admmcm
    He’s a great singer but this version was best left unreleased. Just as bad as Sheryl crow singing sweet child of mine.
  • RIP

    By Lovely_Lozer
    You are missed
  • Man...

    By PowerslaveChris
    Rest In Peace Chris...
  • Great singer very talented, but it taints the song’s purpose

    By Sgahfehsjxisjsmx
    This guy is hands down an amazing singer. He hits every note, performs each one so that you know he is a master singer, and he portrays exactly what he is trying to get across with his style of singing. But I dislike this version of the song with all my heart. I couldn’t dislike this version more. I rated it 2 stars because he obviously is superb, but this version of the song misses the song’s point. This song doesn’t sound like this. It doesn’t sound dreary and melancholy. This song doesn’t sound like a burden is upon you and like you’ll never overcome it. It doesn’t sound like a deep seated sadness is upon you. Go listen to Axl and the boys and you’ll see what I mean. This song is none of those things. This song is about a guy who goes through all the trials and troubles of love and the difficulties of being in a relationship, but he doesn’t give up or give in to those doubts. He stays dedicated to his girl. He stays waiting for his girl to be truly his. He stays hopeful (not melancholy) he stays -patient. This song is a great song about hope. Hope that we will prevail if we stay true and stay patient. That is what this song is about. That’s what Axl was trying to communicate through this song. And undying faithfulness, and even when times are tough, staying hopeful and staying patient and waiting rather than giving up and finding someone else. This is a loving song, a slow, yet happy song, a song of hope. This version by this singer is a real talent, but it is not what this song is about. You can tell what the artist was portraying through the dreary and melancholy and even haunting melodies on this song. You can tell that it was not a song of hope in this man’s view. This version sounds excellent, I give him kudos. But it misses the point of the song. This version has everything in it, except one thing. What’s missing is the portraying of hope and love that the original song gives.
  • That voice

    By DrXtreme
    Can never be duplicated.
  • Love it!

    By Christi 123456789
    This cover takes a great song to a whole different level. The vocals make this song more haunting and triggers different emotions than the GnR version. Absolutely love this ♥️

    By Kstrip
    He is the voice of my life soundtrack... I was so grateful to see him play live several times and it was euphoric! Rest In Peace my friend.. 🙏

    I entered the world in February 14 1968. I don’t have a favorite song. Being said,,,, I do in fact have a handful of favorite Artists. These Artists have allowed me to find emotion deep within self. They’ve allowed me to view myself truthfully. 26 years in the Army has devalued any positive vision I once had towards Self. I’ve recently been reintroduced to music therapy. I’m of the opinion that the vocalist who have the most to offer are undoubtedly the most traveled. Not necessarily geographically although true geographical travel is in fact exploration. Chris accomplished a level of humility by being courageous and throwing caution to the wind. He did this by risking his prestige as a Vocal Artist simply because He wasn’t afraid of being labeled a cover performer. His mind worked in a unique direction by Listening to His true love of Storytelling. He’s done this like No other. He paid ultimate homage to his favorite Artists who for the most part were Storytellers. I’ll never again in my life hear a Vocalist who possesses an octave range that can certainly be defined as ABSOLUTE. Chris, Nothing Compares to you...You are the Highway Brother! Much respect, A Fan

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