SOUR - Olivia Rodrigo


Olivia Rodrigo

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2021-05-21
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


Title Artist Time
brutal Olivia Rodrigo 2:23 USD 1.29
traitor Olivia Rodrigo 3:49 USD 1.29
drivers license Olivia Rodrigo 4:02 USD 1.29
1 step forward, 3 steps back Olivia Rodrigo 2:43 USD 1.29
deja vu Olivia Rodrigo 3:35 USD 1.29
good 4 u Olivia Rodrigo 2:58 USD 1.29
enough for you Olivia Rodrigo 3:22 USD 1.29
happier Olivia Rodrigo 2:55 USD 1.29
jealousy, jealousy Olivia Rodrigo 2:53 USD 1.29
favorite crime Olivia Rodrigo 2:32 USD 1.29
hope ur ok Olivia Rodrigo 3:29 USD 1.29


  • Olivia Rodrigo SOUR album

    By cuRlZ👏👏👏
    I think this is an AMAZING album I LUV LUV LUV it SO much it is so entertaining, soulful, upbeat, and just amazing!!!!! The songs are always stuck in my head and the amazing lyrics blow my mind. Such a great album!
  • I love this song drivers license

    By gg🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍😍
  • LOVE

    By chef ankie
    Her songs make me feel like i’m the main character who got heartbroken so someones making an edit of me AH LOVE IT
  • Amazing!!!!!

    By babbygurl
    Love it so much!!
  • Definitely revenge songs

    By Tap farmer2
    Olivia is the Alanis Morissette of the 2021 I feel hate in her songs Nothing better than a scorned woman to put her heartbreak in a song
  • Payola

    By payola of olivia
    Payola payola payola payola colgada of Taylor Swift
  • Y’all need to hush

    By sebastian stan am i right
    Like actually this is so good and all of y’all saying that it’s so basic and isn’t original… how about y’all go write a whole album of chart topping bops and then come talk crap
  • Eh

    By SoccerRwing15
    This absolutely rips off Conan Gray!!!! smh but this music can related to the gen z kids but we need more pop and she the only one doing it
  • Really don’t get the hype

    By The UniQueen
    Olivia is a very good singer with a beautiful voice. I have heard her songs from HSMTMTS on Disney Plus, and I liked most of them. So I heard that she was releasing an album, and my friends (who are Taylor Swift fans) were all over it. I gave it a listen hearing that lots of fellow Swifties enjoyed it. But this just wasn’t it. A lot of the songs sound very similar, and they mostly revolve around the same topic. I’d appreciate a song where she was happier and not swearing. Like, come on. I get that she is her own person and almost a legal adult, but that doesn’t give her a reason to swear almost constantly throughout the album. Also, most people who watch her on Disney Plus are between the ages of 12 and 15, and of course her fans will want to check this out. It’s not good to introduce the younger range of ages to all of this. I understand that lots of people do like her music, and that’s great, but this just was not my cup of tea.
  • Watered down Hailey Williams wannabe

    By beethovenswig
    This is what is considered music now??? Lord help us

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