Everything Must Go - Steely Dan

Everything Must Go

Steely Dan

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2003-06-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2003 Reprise Records


Title Artist Time
The Last Mall Steely Dan 3:35 USD 1.29
Things I Miss the Most Steely Dan 3:58 USD 1.29
Blues Beach Steely Dan 4:27 USD 1.29
Godwhacker Steely Dan 4:57 USD 1.29
Slang of Ages Steely Dan 4:13 USD 1.29
Green Book Steely Dan 5:55 USD 1.29
Pixeleen Steely Dan 4:00 USD 1.29
Lunch With Gina Steely Dan 4:25 USD 1.29
Everything Must Go Steely Dan 6:45 USD 1.29


  • Everything Must Go

    By MD in CHI
    Abomination? No…just a bit boring actually…..not the Steely Dan of yore as I said about TWO AGAINST NATURE…. but I do hear that Fagan's new 'CONDO' is very good..let's hope!! MD in CHI
  • Great

    By KeithMOON101
    I dont know why people talk crap about this album, its great. Good album from the best band ever!
  • Another Steely Dan Classic

    By L. Williams
    I don't understand the negative reviews and disappointing sales of "Everything Must Go". I think this album is as solid as anything they did in their heyday. Fagen and Brecker still have that limitless cool vibe that has been with them from the beginning. It may take a few listens to appreciate the songs, but I always found that to be the case with every other Dan album. Fagen's voice is still marvelously flexible and quirky, and the songs could have been written at any point of their career and still stand up--and that's the wonderful timelessness that the group has. Nothing of theirs sounds outdated to my ears. Brecker even makes his debut on vocals in "Slang of Ages", and while he doesn't have the panache of Fagen, he turns in a very creditable, if different, sound. I must admit that the programmed drums on "Two Against Nature" put me off, and I'm still not sure why they figured this was a good idea, especially seeing as they've always been a top session type of band. The machine regularity of the beat was off-putting when everything else had that marvelous jazz feel. Fortunately F&G have gone back to using real drummers on "Everything Must Go", and the songs are better for it. Don't believe the "lost their edge" naysayers about this set of 9 tunes from the boys. They're a solid addition to any serious Dan collector and will sound as great 20 years from now as their earlier work does 20 and 30 years along right now.
  • Just a slight dip in the road...or perhaps highly underrated.

    By keyzpleez
    Nothing jumps out at me on this go 'round cept maybe the title song cause I first heard it live a few days ago. (Talk about time out of mind.) This is coming from a lifetime fan; no one comes close to these guys (with the exception of EWF) for sheer quantity of superb songwriting and musical craftsmanship in the last quarter of the 20th century. (You have to go to Brazil after that to find the kind of songs that really move your soul.) 2 against nature was the only logical place they could've arrived after a 20 year hiatus given the trajectory of their last sighting. It was the evolution of modern funk and it deserved the honors bestowed. ( I don't keep up with that sort of thing, I just plain liked the album, toe tapping head bobbin' son of a [email protected]#$%.) To this day I think the movie "Crossroads" would've been better had they tweaked the story line a little and made it about Fagen instead. In the end he beats the devil and gets out of his contract by out dueling Elton John at the head cuttin' match.) That's one possible explanation I have for the creative lull at this juncture. (Note: I have been in a state of awe and jealousy since Aja.) But make no bones about it. This kind of talent is forever and I anxiously await the next album.
  • None of the production warmth.....

    By Bassman62
    The album sounds cold, almost sterile. The songs are forgettable, the production is stiff, the playing is rote and robotic. If you REALLY want to hear Steely Dan mach II (post-1980 breakup), Start with Two Against Nature, purchase "Jack of Speed", "Gaslighting Abbie", and "What a Shame About Me", then throw the rest of THAT record out and forget about this one completely.
  • Learn it. Know it. Live it.

    By Mr_skandl
    I didn't really dig this album based upon the brief Itunes samplings of each track, but decided to download it anyway, being a tremendous fan of The Dan. After weeks of neglecting to give it a spin, I finally threw the nine-track collection onto my ipod. Following that furitive maneuver, I was able to run, fall asleep, and embark on several road trips, to it. Conclusion: This is a REALLY good disc. Nothing stands out as a true hit( although, I do enjoy "Godwhacker"). However, the entire thing exudes a nice captivating flow, allowing you to listen to it continuously, without the threat of boredom. BUY IT. You'll thank me.
  • MGD from SD? No. Non-vintage brut.

    By Linus_Flambeau
    Every St. Dan offering has, at least, a couple of gems. Some of them are, of course, full of them. This is of the former category. Paid Critics and the webkind (fans?) grouse about these, St. Dan's arguably 'lesser' recordings. To me, though, it's still French Champagne compared to the paltry tripe purveyed today. Drink more champagne, friends. ThassallI'msaying.
  • Track Listing Perversely in Reverse

    By AKL928
    No. I'm serious. The title track is an absolute gem, and should be played 1st, which begins with the tribute to "Trane's Love Supreme. The Lunch with Gina is a snappy Dan-party fest, followed by one of Donald's most well-thought out tunes Pixeleen. Things get eerie and creepy with the very strange and seductive Greenbook. Slang of Ages provides a sly intermission. Godwhacker features snappy rhythm guitars, and a killer bridge, and features the return of the synth blues harp thingy. Then the 9/11 burnout begins with Blues Beach, a drug rehab 60s tribute. Things I Miss the Most is really a nice tune, with tight harmonies, but a stiff rhythm section. The LAst MAll and the clipped ending would be signify a sendoff for an iconic group. As is though, the front end is flawed, with a very unappreciated back half. The Live recording style and simpler production with 40s blues style instead of 50s bop (Two Against Nature) has put off some Dan fans, but this really is a very good album overall.
  • Not great, but not bad

    By DrDan75
    "So useless to ask me why / blow a kiss and say goodbye / this brother is free / I be what I want to be.." Not the best album they've ever recorded, but far from being the spectacular flop others have portrayed it as being. They're still very good. To paraphrase them, they've been proving their genius to me since.I was about seventeen. WB and DF are getting a little long in the tooth. They've possibly lost a little, I don't know. Even Bob Dylan says he can't write lyrics like he once could. Cut the Dan some slack. There is still a lot of good music here.
  • A critical wannabee?

    By Youforia
    Scott59nc must want to be a critic, considering his effusive diatribe. However, I couldn't disagree with him more. S.D. have always beem a couple of suspect white boys questioning suburban lifestyle, and the latest is no different. By the way Scott, Donald admits to "using words that sound good and then trying to get them to make sense" his words. Not mine. NO. E.M.G.is wonderful, and "Lunch with Gina" probably the coolest, slickest, most Donaldish thing they've ever written.