Music / Nobody Knows Me (Live) - Single - Madonna

Music / Nobody Knows Me (Live) - Single


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-06-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • ℗ 2006 Warner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Music (Live) Madonna 2:31 USD 1.99
Nobody Knows Me (Live) Madonna 3:36 USD 1.99


  • Madonna Rules The World

    By Lilly2007
    this is good but itunes should have added american life[live] the video
  • 5 Star Performances but 1 star to iTunes for not having all of this disc!

    By Eric715
    This disc comes with a DVD of her "Truth or Dare" -esque "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" with many of her performances from her "Reinvention Tour". The other disc is the audio of her performances. Though "Nobody Knows Me" was one of her best performances on the show - it would have been nice to see her new take on "Deeper and Deeper" and "Burning Up". (Those aren't on the DVD either by the way)
  • Nobody Knows Me

    By msklna
    These r my fav songs but i wish they sell all the songs but i really want them 2 bring out the Re-invention Tour out on DVD & CD instead of the no good Im Going 2 Tell U A Secret
  • madonna

    i love the song "nobody knows me" it tells the truth about our society . i dont like "music" that much sounds like she was tired.
  • The concert was good, but...

    By HappyGoLucy
    I'd be lying if I said I didn't think Madonna is a good performer in concert. But come on, folks, her vocal quality in Music is just no good! And, hello, she's lip syncing in Nobody Knows Me. Of course it sounds better. Madonna is not a great live singer, she's a great live dancer. The film cuts and edits make NKM a good video to watch, but really in concert it was just her walking down a conveyer belt. I could make this video at the check out counter of my local grocery store. There's much better Madonna stuff out there, ya just gotta go back 10 years... PS: The guy who said the comment about the guys wearing dresses is a jacka$$.
  • 1 word "HOT"

    By GeekyJeffrey
    These videos are nothing but "HOT". Madonna still #1 in my book!
  • Next Best Thing To Being There

    By RobHeartsNYC
    I bought these videos that day that I knew they were there. I think it is quite possible that Nobody Knows Me is one of Madonna's best live performances...ever. The dancing, the attitude, and the way they synthesized her voice were all amazing. Plus, the message of the song is amazing. Music was also really great. She seemed to be having a lot of fun and the way she threw one of her dancers on the floor and walked over him was awesome. Again, Music has a really positive message. I can't wait for the full concernt DVD to be released, but this will hold me over until the.
  • love all madonna does!

    By wbrogan3
    this cd/dvd is included on that list! kep rocking madonna!
  • Vocally Stunning

    By vampslayer567
    These two videos show-off Madonna's great vocals. More so in Nobody Knows Me than in Music because she's less synthesized. These videos really show the true Madonna as a great and intriguing entertainer. A must-have for any Madonna fan.
  • Music!

    By *CarmelaSoprano*
    The Music(Live) is awesome I love it! Nobody Knows Me(Live) is amazing!

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