Lady In Satin - Billie Holiday

Lady In Satin

Billie Holiday

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 1997-10-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • â„— Originally recorded 1958, Originally released 1058 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. WARNI


Title Artist Time
I'm a Fool to Want You Billie Holiday 3:23 USD 0.99
For Heaven's Sake Billie Holiday 3:26 USD 0.99
You Don't Know What Love Is Billie Holiday 3:48 USD 0.99
I Get Along Without You Very W Billie Holiday 2:59 USD 0.99
For All We Know Billie Holiday 2:53 USD 0.99
Violets for Your Furs Billie Holiday 3:24 USD 0.99
You've Changed Billie Holiday 3:17 USD 0.99
It's Easy to Remember Billie Holiday 4:01 USD 0.99
But Beautiful Billie Holiday 4:29 USD 0.99
Glad to Be Unhappy Billie Holiday 4:07 USD 0.99
I'll Be Around Billie Holiday 3:22 USD 0.99
The End of a Love Affair Billie Holiday 4:47 USD 0.99
I'm a Fool to Want You Billie Holiday 3:24 USD 0.99
I'm a Fool to Want You Billie Holiday 3:23 USD 0.99
The End of a Love Affair Billie Holiday 9:49 USD 0.99
The End of a Love Affair Billie Holiday 4:46 USD 0.99
Pause Track Billie Holiday 0:06 USD 0.69


  • The Best

    By E Rock Ski
    For anyone who has loved, lost love, or wished for love this album will touch all of those emotions. The fact that her voice is almost gone only enhances the feeling. I don't listen to this all the time but when I do ... It is the best.
  • Corrupt file

    By SpuriousDude
    I can't get no more than 30 seconds of "You don't know what love is", despite redownloading it for three time. Will I ever get to know what love is?
  • Grand & simple

    By neprep
    I'm a fool to want you and you've changed are must have tracks off this LP. Yes her voice sounds different but it adds to emotion of those songs. The full orchestra sounds is perfect contrast to simple vocals & makes you fill like you should be driving in Tuscany or dressing in some grand hotel. Lyrics are very relatable.
  • Lady in Satin/Billie Holiday

    By mikhaelhenri
    By far the sympathetic favorite of real Lady-D fans. What's not mentioned in these reviews is how she was in tears at the end of these recording sessions after hearing the playback of her voice. She was most displeased that she could not hit that grove as she used to. I love this album because it displays her courage in allowing this historic recording to made of her voice at the end of her career.
  • Are you nuts???

    By Jayglo 52
    This album is like a hard beautiful diamond against purple velvet. This is by far one of Billie's best. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a Billie fan and she's done some great work. But this...this is excellance. Every crack in her voice are like the lines that developes in classic oil painting, somehow they just seem to belong. Like a fine wine thats bitter to the taste but fine going down. Only time can create a fine wine, only time, abuse and pressure can create a diamond and only time...Billie time, could have created this masterpiece. Not to mention Ellis's arrangements, what beautiful contradiction. I don't know who rated this at itunes but they don't know sqaut about what makes true jazz. Just keepin' it real.
  • Long Live Lady Day...even her swan song has grace for the ages!

    By CocoandJP
    Alas, you fickle lovers of Our Lady of the Flowers, you miss the point entirely. Yes, it was 1958, and Billie suffered the ravages of years of alcohol and drug abuse. Everyone knew that the end was near, although there was hope for a decent physical recovery, but surely, mentally she was spent. But Billie wanted, needed, chose to work with Ray Ellis because she adored his orchestrations. And for a real, honest to goodness jazz chick like Billie, the mark of "making it" were these lush, complex orchestrations of the 50's that only white artists could claim as their own. She was a consumate musician, issues and all, and she knew what she wanted and what would make her shine. Thus, to get Ray Ellis, Billie from "B-more" had finally made it. So, John Hammond and all who loved her made it happen with "You've Changed", "At the End of a Love Affair, and my two favorites from this album, "Violets for My Furs", and "But Beautiful" vwith whatever alchemy was needed to get her there, keep her upright, get the cuts in the "window" before she was too sober, or not sober enough. She chose some songs from her stage shows ("For All We Know") and others were chosen, just for this time, for Our Lady of the Swans, giving her best after arriving to the finish beaten by life, yes, but certainly not defeated. It is not the Billie of the 30's and 40's, but the repertiore is more mature, more contextual, and is that of a much more mature woman who could, between drags of a cigarette and sips of a drink, comment on indeed what is done at the end of a love affair. God be with you Billie...such warmth your light has brought us all...especially at your end. We thank you, dear Lady in Satin. Rest in Peace.
  • Forget the bad reviews on her voice

    By Conradd
    She was spectacular in her own right for many years. Even if her voice is deteriorating at the recording of this album, it doesn't matter. You can feel the pain and emotional commitment in her performance here. It is real and that's what matters. You will love it.
  • First on my list of desert island discs!

    By pascars
    I've been listening to this Lp for over forty years and I've never tired of it. Her voice is not the same one she had before the world decided she couldn't do things her way and go unpunished, She shows her heart and soul in ths collections so unadorned that it is hard for some to accept. That's a pity for them, the rest of us who know when we're in the presence of great art are not diminished by their easy dismissal of one of Ms. Holidays greatest triumphs.
  • lady sings her best

    By luchiluchi
    No one like Billie Holiday. Her voice speaks of vulneravility, dispair and loneliness with traces of hope all enveloped by beauty like no one else, ever. Love you Billie.
  • Beautiful Courage!

    By Loveforsale
    Here is a woman who's voice changed the way most everyone sang who came after her, who's deep feeling touched even the most hardened of hearts, who brought most people in those clubs to tears. Here is a woman who's years of being misunderstood, slapped around, locked up instead of being gentling eased from her addiction.....had just had enough. Being human is not being a super hero like in the comic books. I'm proud of this album, for here is a woman who kept going when many others would have quit. She faced a lot in her brief lifetime. Here is a soul which lives on and on in today's modern music. How can anyone say anything bad about such a brave soul who did the very best she could? Thank you Billie for sharing your very private and personal feelings with all of us. It has inspired billions of people!!

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