White  (The Science of Consciousness) - Rahul Sharma

White (The Science of Consciousness)

Rahul Sharma

  • Genre: World
  • Release Date: 2005-10-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2005 Sona Rupa Ltd


Title Artist Time
January (Snowfall) Rahul Sharma 6:15 USD 0.99
Cloud's..... Rahul Sharma 7:02 USD 0.99
Orchid's Rahul Sharma 4:43 USD 0.99
Faith - Purity (Innocence) Rahul Sharma 5:17 USD 0.99
Silver Moon (White Lace) Rahul Sharma 5:41 USD 0.99
The Bride (An Unfinished Loves Rahul Sharma 7:04 USD 0.99
Russia.... Rahul Sharma 8:29 USD 0.99
December (Ci Acia Com Com Ci A Rahul Sharma 5:09 USD 0.99


  • Bright Spot

    By HollyDay
    Lovely! This album has a crispness that only the word "white" brings to mind: pure, clean, and light and airy sounds--a real gem. I recommend songs "Faith" and "Orchid". Santoor playing is flawless...
  • Pure, honest, and simply unadulterated

    By MusicReviewer
    Rahul Sharma's last release 'Time Traveler' has been successful at the music stands and is still doing well. This has resulted in his earlier work 'White' too getting into the limelight. Why 'WHITE'? Because 'Santoor' player Sharma dares to repaint life with White! He sketches a serene picture on the vast expanse of life through his experiments with music. His hands move on the 'santoor' like an agile painter's hands on a blank canvas, etching strokes with passion and confidence. Witness him render white through a plethora of musical shades in the tracks that have been composed and arranged by him. 1) January - Snowfall The album begins and ends on a seasonal note. First to come is 'January - Snowfall' that starts with soft vocals by Suzzane who narrates the situation in a foreign language. Soon the magic begins as Rahul Sharma's 'santoor' starts to do the talking. Excellent by all standards, it compliments the winter season quite well and oozes the feeling of love at every second. Icing on the cake is the musical arrangement where other instruments too come along with 'santoor' to makes it an astounding musical piece. The song ends with Suzanne's vocals as she renders 'Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia' [that also appears in the concluding track of the album, 'December'] and one just can't help but look at this brilliant work by Rahul Sharma that is so melodious that one starts wondering why he hasn't composed for any other film after his debut effort in 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge'. 2) Clouds Giving an impression of slow moving clouds right up there, Rahul Sharma's 'santoor' moves at a slow pace to create yet another melodic outing that makes you fall in love with the composition. Good use of beats in accordance to the pace of the track establishes the fact once again that music is universal and can make its presence felt at any corner of the world, regardless of the instrument being used to convey the feel. Another outstanding piece after 'January', by now you know that 'WATER' is going to be a high quality product that is certainly going to enthrall you from start to finish. 3) Faith-Purity-Innocence The soft touch conveyed in the next track is indeed innocent and pure and has a certain 'sweet' feel to it in the way the sound of santoor is pitched. There is certain rhyme to it that makes 'Faith-Purity-Innocence' sound child-like and befits the setting of a nursery rhyme. This tune could be an ideal setting for composing a lullaby. 4) The Bride - An Unfinished Love story There is a certain mystery around the way 'The Bride - An Unfinished Love story' begins. Beginning on a classical note with a touch of pensive feel, the track has 'santor' as the solo instrument for the first one minute before arrival of echoing beats gives it an enigmatic touch. The pace picks up a little to create a setting of a soft number but overall remains to be a heartfelt composition that results in a heavy heart before it is through. 5) Orchids A lively composition with numerous instruments, especially 'dholki', helping the flow of 'santoor', 'Orchids' has a distinct Indian feel to it and follows a melodic approach. A tune belonging to the 60s where a village belle could be heard from a distance while singing along with her friends in large fields, 'Orchids' is a track that is just the right setting for natural ambience. Hear it for its sheer simplicity and innocence. 6) Silver Moon - White Lace Contemporary in its feel, 'Silver Moon - White Lace' is an ideal mix of rhythm and melody with a chorus crooning in the background that creates an instant impression. A tune that could be happily used for a conventional Bollywood love song, it is the easiest to arrive so far in the album due to the nature of its rhythm. Klara Brazil writes and narrates a poem in Portuguese to add on to the track. Listening to this, one wonders yet again that why do we not hear the compositions of Rahul Sharma more often in Bollywood scheme of things? 7) Russia When a track is called 'Russia', you are sure that there will be something unusual, something unique about the composition. The same is the case here too when the track begins with a haunting sound of a piano instead of santoor. Yes, santoor does come in after a few seconds but so far the mystic mood has already been created. 'Santoor' takes the same mood further with the sheer depth in its style and light beats accompanying it ensure that the mood stays on throughout the track. When an upswing in the rhythm happens with the use of violins, you know that the track has been designed as a European classical piece! 8) December - Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia Just like the album began with 'January', it concludes in a seasonal manner with 'December - Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia'. While the tune is mesmerizing all over again, it is the sound of 'Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia' by Suzanne that remains with you long after the album is through. In fact the sound of 'Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia' could well be called the spirit and sound of 'WHITE in the way it enters into the hearts of the listeners. WHITE is undoubtedly yet another excellent score by Rahul Sharma that is pure, honest and simply unadulterated. Hear it in isolation with lights switched off and you would surely enter a new fantasy world in your dreams. (IndiaGlitz, 15 May 2006)