Broken Safety - 40 Cal

Broken Safety

40 Cal

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2006-08-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • ℗ 2006 X-Ray Records


Title Artist Time
Broken Safety 40 Cal 3:25 USD 0.99
Worried (Featuring Sudaboss) 40 Cal. featuring Sudaboss 2:41 USD 0.99
Pyrexx Vision / Angel Dust 40 Cal 4:48 USD 0.99
We Got That Crack 40 Cal 2:41 USD 0.99
Runnin' This Rap Shit (Featuri 40 Cal. featuring J.R. Writer 4:11 USD 0.99
Real Bitch (Featuring Freaky Z 40 Cal. featuring Freaky Zekey 2:21 USD 0.99
Survivor (Featuring Akon) 40 Cal. featuring Akon 2:43 USD 0.99
Weed Song 40 Cal 3:04 USD 0.99
T.V. Show 40 Cal 3:08 USD 0.99
Go Get Ya Guns (Featuring Rod 40 Cal. featuring Rod Man 4:03 USD 0.99
Quiet Sounds 40 Cal 3:25 USD 0.99
You Know Who It Is (Featuring 40 Cal. featuring Bezel 2:52 USD 0.99
Fuck It All 40 Cal 3:08 USD 0.99
Click Clack (Featuring A-Mafia 40 Cal. featuring A-Mafia 3:58 USD 0.99
Think I'm Not Gangsta 40 Cal 3:17 USD 0.99
Sounds Like 40 Cal 2:50 USD 0.99
Be Easy 40 Cal 1:28 USD 0.99
It's 40 40 Cal 3:05 USD 0.99
Sam Scared 40 Cal 2:51 USD 0.99
Dear Fan (Featuring Young Ace) 40 Cal. featuring Young Ace 4:26 USD 0.99


  • 40 can rap

    Bottom line, this album is nice. If you didn't know, 40 Cal has some of the best lyrics in the game. The only reason why this album didn't get 5 stars is a couple of the beats are lame, and there's no guest appearence from Cam'ron. Overall this album is hot, so buy it and bump it.
  • its alright

    By Mr. Bulldog Jr.
    hes better on dipset then on his own albums. besides, his other albums are better then this one. as long as he keeps his rap true on singles albums and on dipset, he does it good.
  • not ballin

    By Dipset byrd gang 09
    this is not ballin. dont get me wrong dipset is the realest crew out there but im not feelin this guys beats. idk he has originall beats or lyrics he sounds wack.... boot him from dipset na not really but seriously give it a lil thought i mean he may be down with the crew but he aint gatta spit with em. Hes not up to the level that juelz, cam'ron, jones and writer are at....... think bout it dipset. he could still be down with the crew i aint got no problems with that but i mean he can't spit game... dipset out
  • good stuff

    By queensness
    The lyrics themselves make this album a quick 4 but, as a fan of this artist (oh and you should have won that battle at fight club!) i see the production hurting 40. i think the more hyped up sounding beats dont help him and the more suttle beats like f**k it all and pyrexx allow 40 to explode by riding the beat till the wheels fall off. overall the album is good but save your money this time around and pick and choose verses getting 20 songs to enjoy a healthy 10
  • same music

    By DJ D-MOB
    L I V E S O N is right, all these tracks r old, from "Trigger Happy" to "40 to Life" (the 2 mixtapes based only on 40 cal) these tracks were on them. He might had just released them on this CD so they can all be worldwide and not just on street corners and at some retail stores in the U.S. only anyways, I give this 5 stars cuz the tracks r good, no doubt bout it...

    By tony fresh
    This album is bugged out I dont care wat anyone says! ~PROFIT~
  • This is 40's debut album

    By Docta T
    I know Broken Safety & Pyrexx Vision are classics but he's had an album out before this it's called Road 2 Da Riches. So go cop that
  • Amazing

    By Rhombus27
    40 Cal. has one of the sickest flows in all of DipSet. If you dont have Trigger Happy get it. If you dont have this, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? This is one of the top cd's to come from DipSet ever!
  • Sweet

    By Plies
    Rock on Man!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • garbage

    By woodgc
    dipset is garbage what kind of gangstas bang pink rags whats that the [email protected] gang keep your money this cd isnt worth 10 dollars for even 20 songs

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