S.D.E. - Cam'ron



  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2000-09-11
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19

  • ℗ 1999, 2000 Untertainment Records LLC, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


Title Artist Time
Fuck You Cam'ron 1:17 USD 1.29
That's Me Cam'ron 4:38 USD 1.29
Whatever Cam'ron 3:36 USD 1.29
Do It Again (feat. Destiny's C Cam'ron featuring Destiny's Child & Jimmy Jones 4:07 USD 1.29
Come Kill Me Cam'ron 4:20 USD 1.29
What I Gotta Live For Cam'ron 3:23 USD 1.29
Violence (feat. Ol' Dirty Bast Cam'ron featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard 3:35 USD 1.29
Skit Cam'ron 1:26 USD 1.29
Freak Cam'ron 3:22 USD 1.29
Double Up (feat. Juelz) Cam'ron featuring Juelz 4:22 USD 1.29
Losin' Weight (feat. Prodigy) Cam'ron featuring Prodigy 3:54 USD 1.29
Sports, Drugs & Entertainment Cam'ron 4:17 USD 1.29
What Means the World To You Cam'ron 4:39 USD 1.29
All the Chickens Cam'ron 4:01 USD 1.29
F**k You At (feat. Noreaga) Cam'ron featuring Noreaga 4:05 USD 1.29
Why No (feat. Jimmy Jones & Fr Cam'ron featuring Jimmy Jones & Freaky Zeeky 3:52 USD 1.29
Where I'm From (feat. Dutch & Cam'ron featuring Dutch & Spade 3:34 USD 1.29
Let Me Know Cam'ron 4:14 USD 1.29
My Hood Cam'ron 3:56 USD 1.29


  • What I Gotta Live For

    By D12fan2001
    I gotta say this is one heck of a incredible album! Cam"Ron S.D.E. [Explicit] album is Cam"s best selling second studio unedited album in the world! I have both the explicit version and clean version of this album I"m letting it grow on me the songs are all great! my favorite song on this album is What I Gotta Live For because it"s a fun song to dance to the beat is catchy I love the violins the violins make this song sound great the violins hypnotize me in such a cool way the violins sooth my soul in a classy way and put me in a classy little zone Cam delivers a home cooked flow lyrically he"s a good rapper the hook is awsome! best song ever! every time I listen to this song it makes me feel good! I love dancing to this song it just gets better and better for me what do I have to live for? what do I have to live for? what do I have to live for? what do I have to live for? [Hook overlapping] what do I I I I I what do I have to live for? what do I I I I what do I have to live for? what do I I I I what do I have to live for? what do I I I I what do I have to live for? whoa best song ever! I listen to this song when I"m thinking about the year 2000 or my girlfriend or when I"m sad or upset this song cheers me up Cam"Ron rocks for making music for people like me to enjoy my other favorite song is That"s Me Cam delivers a home cooked flow the hook is amazing and the beat is catchy Kesha Honey Cargill is on the hook singing her heart out while Cam is rapping I like the violins the violins make this song sound so classy the one with the whips that"s me the one with the chicks and the chips that's me the one with the toasty pants sagging yelling out get at me get at me homey! That's me the one that be running and dodging you the one that be ******* mad **** you the one that's scared of some ghosts always wanna lay low because your girl said so you homey the one with mad guns that"s me the one with the crab for 23 that"s me the one with the shrimp, trout king crab that"s what I"m about seafood game that"s nice that"s me the one that"s scared of a scuffle you the one that says baby girl I love you you the one that talks about hustling never seen a oven all about nothing you homey I love this explicit album so much it"s a great classy album to rock out to 2000 4 life! I enjoy listening to it this is one classy album I have been a fan of Cam"Ron for 12 years I can"t get stop listening to this album this album is a classic! if your a fan of Cam"Ron you should buy this uncensored album you"ll love it.
  • Silly.

    By RaeRossNas
    This album is silly. One of the best sophomore albums Harlem has ever produced. WHATEVER.
  • Classic Album

    By NeoNitty
    S.D.E. was always my favorite album from Cam. Lyrically I don't think he had a better album other than Confessions but this album went under the radar and never got its just due. When this was out though it was in heavy rotation in my stereo,still is 'till this day. Definitely worth the purchase. You don't hear albums like this no more.
  • I remember

    By Leefo3
    I remember when they had pushed this album back from its original date n I was so upset. I knew it was a must have and still have the same disc i bought in the year 2000. Confession, SDE and Purple Haze ARE THE ONES CAM PUT OUT! Very Solid Albums!
  • Harlem world

    By YoUrWaVyNeSs
    fire *HOOD CLASSIC*
  • Ehhh

    By John34444
    His older songs like oh boy were better
  • Who else is in the song what means the world to me ?

    By MAIzzy21
    Who else is in the song what means the world to me ?
  • S.D.E. = CLASSIC

    By henguzlr
    This CD is classic..ranked right up there with best of em. I remember this bootleg comin out 5 months ahead of time and still coppin the cd on release date, both classics forever!!!
  • i like it

    By lilbro22
    i like old songs from the days of a child and the voice but on his new album its like he star did over
  • So Hot!!

    By alexlernera4
    This album is a must have for any good collection...

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