Issues - Korn



  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 1999-11-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 1999 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.


Title Artist Time
Dead Korn 1:12 USD 1.29
Falling Away from Me Korn 4:30 USD 1.29
Trash Korn 3:26 USD 1.29
4U Korn 1:42 USD 1.29
Beg for Me Korn 3:54 USD 1.29
Make Me Bad Korn 3:55 USD 1.29
It's Gonna Go Away Korn 1:30 USD 1.29
Wake Up Korn 4:07 USD 1.29
Am I Going Crazy Korn 1:02 USD 1.29
Hey Daddy Korn 3:44 USD 1.29
Somebody Someone Korn 3:47 USD 1.29
No Way Korn 4:07 USD 1.29
Let's Get This Party Started Korn 3:41 USD 1.29
Wish You Could Be Me Korn 1:07 USD 1.29
Counting Korn 3:38 USD 1.29
Dirty Korn 7:50 USD 1.29


  • Korn Issues

    By Capitalism and Freedom
    Korn did an amazing job with this album, and this album has a great flow. Every track on this album is good, and I could listen to it in it's entirety everyday. The instruments wrap around the vocals perfectly, and intertwine like no other. Looking forward to the next Korn album, and extended play. This album just like other Korn albums defines todays generation of rock. Korn always goes above and beyond when it comes to connecting with the listener. Wish "Dead" and "4U" were longer songs, I feel those songs had great potential.
  • This is TRASH

    By I LOVE PU??Y
  • 🔥

    By Destroyer 21👾
    Undoubtedly Korn’s best album
  • Perfect

    By Undertakorn
    This album is amazing korns best work and my personal favorite album of all time.
  • Trippy

    By Apc rules
    Probably Korn’s most psychedelic album. If you like psychedelic music I’d check this out. Every track on this album is decent.
  • That Korn Sound

    By Megan_Rocks
    I believe this is Korn's best album. It takes what worked from "Follow the Leader" and just made it better. And while it may not have Davis' "beatboxing", it has everything else that makes this band who they are. And there is something about this album that sounds very eerie and disturbing. I don't know exactly what it is, but I love it.
  • koRn 4U

    By Ory Brock
    Great Album But Where Is The Explicit Logo Will Repurchase If So
  • My favorite Korn album

    By Icon for Hire & |-/ fan
    Korn just released The Serenity of Suffering and I'm actually listening to it entirely through right now as I write this... so far, though, this still takes the top spot for Korn's best album in my opinion. Dead: This song is just the intro--and let me tell you, it's really creepy, actually. The bagpipes are interesting in this one. 7/10 Falling Away From Me: One of the very first Korn songs I've heard and basically what got me into them. This is one of the better ones and it's the successful single for a reason. 9.5/10 Trash: Musically, this song is great. Very dark and disturbing. Not something you want to show your kids because of lyrical content. 8/10 4 U: This is an interlude, and it's not much longer than Dead, but I really love this song for some reason. I think the instruments remind of a video game (and I like video games). 9/10 Beg For Me: The verses are a little weird--they take some getting used to. It's a pretty good song though, with a really catchy rhythm. 8.5/10 Make Me Bad: This is my favorite Korn song on the album. I think the bass and just the melody itself is what makes the song. 10/10 It's Gonna Go Away: Another mini-song. Not super memorable. 6.5/10 Wake Up: I had this song as my alarm for a while, lol. (It definitely wakes you up that's for sure) It's one of the better ones on the album, and the lyrics are really cool. 10/10 Am I Going Crazy: This is the shortest song on here (barely a minute long) and so it's not that memorable, but the melody Jon's singing is pretty interesting. 7.5/10 Hey Daddy: This song had to grow on me. Even now that it has to some extent, the verses are kinda annoying. 7.5/10 Somebody Someone: As a bass player, I naturally like this song because of the bass line. Otherwise, this song had to grow on me too, but it definitely did. 9/10 No Way: I used to like this song more, but it's just a little bit dull. I think that's why it's always shadowed by other tracks like Make Me Bad. I will still listen to it though. 8/10 Let's Get This Party Started: This song is pretty cool. The effects on the vocals add to the song. It's fun to sing to. 8.5/10 Wish You Could Be Me: This mini-song really gets on my nerves. I don't know if it's the lyrics, the tune, the instruments, but I think this is the weakest track on the record. 6/10 Counting: Like No Way, this song is just a little forgettable. However, there is something captivating on this song and that's the consistent rhythm. If the bridge was more like the rest of this song, I think it'd be better. 8/10 Dirty: If you're wondering why this song is 8 minutes long, it's because over half of the song is just static. The actual SONG part of this track is another standout, and something about it reminds me of Tool. 9/10 Overall, I think this is their best album because their sound here was great, and it was one of the first Korn albums I've ever listened to. :)
  • Best KoRn Album By Far!

    By mikayla<33333
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this album!! By far my favorite by them!! Their new stuff just isn't the same as these 90s grunge emotions!!! Just listen on repeat all won't regret it!!
  • Big Switch-Up In Sound

    By MiahDrao
    This might be my least favorite album. But my least favorite album is still pretty good. This one is sprinkled in with a bunch of little interludes (there are 4; 5 if you count Dead). It's set up almost to be a concept album, but I'm not sure what that would be. Also, I appreciate how the band chose a fan's painting for their artwork. It's a really neat album, even if it is my least favorite. They use a lot more clean guitar sounds and use more melody, which is something they didn't really do before. Another thing: this album is always agressive. More than anything, it sounds sad while the albums past just sound angry. Jonathon pushes himself in this album, exploring new territory. I think it was a good experiment, I really do. But I know they do better in the future. Dead - 8/10 Bagpip intro; super fun to sing along with. Falling Away From Me - 9/10 Most popular track. It's really solid in the intro, main riff, melody, and, of course, the bass booms!!! Trash - 9/10 Brutal song, dished out nu-metal style. The people who complain about nu-metal not being heavy should pipe down a little bit. 4U - 2/10 I never really listen to this track. Beg For Me - 8/10 I have underrated this track in the past. It's really bizarre, but I started to really like it later on. Make Me Bad - 8/10 Korn classic. Love the main riff and break beat in the beginning/bridge. It's Gonna Go Away - 2/10 Yeah, not the best interlude. Wake Up - 8/10 Heavy!!! I like the bridge best as it kinda sounds like Follow The Leader a little bit. The verses are really cool too. This song is almost jazzy. Am I Going Crazy - 6/10 This interlude is a lot better than the last two. Hey Daddy - 8/10 Weird song!!! I love it. The vocals are really pushing the limits. The basslines are groovey. And then there's the guitars. I love it all. Somebody Someone - 9/10 Another heavy song. When I first heard this, I could've sworn that Lacuna Coil imitated this intro riff in their album Karmacode. The bridge then slows everything down, and it gets a doom metal pace. It's great. No Way - 7/10 Good melody in guitars and the vocals. Let's Get This Party Started - 10/10 Most underrated track of the album!!! And my personal favorite. It's angry, aggressive Korn we know and love in the chorus but also the newer Korn in the verses. Really solid track. Wish You Could Be Me - 8/10 Best interlude. It's kinda raplike. It also features this common drum rhythm that appeared in Beg For Me. Counting - 7/10 This song's chorus is almost exactly the bridge from Beg For Me. This is just a heavier version, I guess? Dirty - 6/10 Final track. Pretty good closer.