Trilogy - Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-10-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 1987 Sanctuary Records Group


Title Artist Time
The Endless Enigma, Pt. 1 Emerson, Lake & Palmer 6:42 USD 1.29
Fugue Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1:57 USD 1.29
The Endless Enigma, Pt. 2 Emerson, Lake & Palmer 2:00 USD 1.29
From the Beginning Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:13 USD 1.29
The Sheriff Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3:20 USD 1.29
Hoedown (Taken from Rodeo) Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3:43 USD 1.29
Trilogy Emerson, Lake & Palmer 8:51 USD 1.29
Living Sin Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3:12 USD 1.29


  • No need for this

    By Coe44
    Buy the other version on iTunes.The other has the correct release date and the cover is not such a weird shade.
  • One of the Best.

    By manohlive
    For 70's progressive rock, it does not get better. However, I felt the need to write a review; as none of the above have mentioned how beautiful the "song" Trilogy is. Sample it....keyboard and voice were created to unite on this one. It's absolutely beautiful and then kicks your butt in the end. Isn't that what this type of music was meant for????? one opinion. take it as such.
  • Brilliant!

    By 4x29cb5p8
    Originality, virtuosity, incredible harmonies and rhythms, and some outstanding vocals--everything I find attractive about good music is here. There aren't words to describe how good I think this album is, and I'm very picky! Most of the music I like is jazz or classical. Like most ELP fans, I suspect, I find that most "popular" music is trite and repetitive. Not this. This is some of the best music I've ever heard.
  • Keith Greg and Carl at their best!!

    By ToMiTa
    To fans that are in the "know", ELP was a band that sometimes worked brilliantly together and most often had differences. The live shows they put on (of which I was lucky to attend 6 of them) were unbelievably FANTASTIC!! Not a better live act have I ever witnessed in my multiple experiences. I consider TRILOGY to be the best studio work they ever laid down. Later in their career, BLACK MOON came close, but IMHO, TRILOGY is at the top. Buy it!!!
  • Trilogy

    By skydog102972
    This album contrasts significantly from the first three albums (ELP, Tarkus, Pictures) in the song crafting and playing. Where the first album contained what seemed like pieced together ideas and Tarkus created the extensive prog suite standard, Trilogy exhibits true ownership of their songwriting as well as instrumental skill. Their sound is much more refined- yet it loses nothing. Emerson uses his array of keyboards from piano to whatever in a remarkable manner, especially in Trilogy. Greg Lake delivers his best vocal performance this side of In the Court of the Crimson King here. Carl Palmer is remarkable as always- tackling odd time signatures and difficult fills with ease .This album demonstrate a sign of what came before and the polished production of Brain Salad Surgery to come
  • An old favorite!

    By AryMay
    This is one of many ELP albums I owned and cherished as a teen back in the mid '70' have it again, original music...I just can't stop smiling.
  • Classic

    By anewman3
    I stumbled across this in the 80's and fell in love with it immediately. My mother who is a concert pianist came into my room and wanted to know who was playing the piano. I told her and she said that this guy was original and professional. Respecting my mothers opinion I was kind of proud that these guys impressed my mom. Rock & Roll was never mom's forte but these guys grabbed her that day.
  • The Three Become One

    By GrownUp60'sKid
    ELP’s third studio album showed the now familiar ELP pattern of musical development; Emerson’s organ dominance, Lakes lyrics and Palmer’s rhythms. Howver, the songs show a tighter effort in the scores between Emerson and Lake, than were shown in the previous 3 albums (including Pictures). Emerson’s breakout piece The Endless Enigma Part 1 demonstrated he was not born connected to a Hammond organ. You get a flavor for Emerson’s pure piano work highlighted in the short but lively “Fugue” that provides an interlude between Part’s 1 and 2 of "The Endless Enigma". Lake’s “From the Beginning” is in the style of “Lucky man” however is much more musically developed. Both songs are in inextricably tied together by Emerson’s analog synth solo at the end. “The Sheriff” and “Hoedown”, a catchy reinterpretation of Aaron Copland’s ballet theme are likewise tied together in musical style and reminiscent of “Jeremy Bender” on the group’s previous studio work, Tarkus. Palmer’s slip of the tongue at the beginning of “The Sheriff” also provides a subtle and funny connection to that work as well. ELP fans will make the connection. Of the first three recordings, this is actually the one I like least. I’m not exactly sure why. I think if may be that this was the first ELP record that showed the clear signs of real technical production. The other two still had edginess to them. Yet in some ways this can’t be true since my favorite ELP work is Brain Salad Surgery which is a “highly technical production”. Still it stands as a classic recording and an essential one for any ELP fan. I recommend this for the developing ELP fan. For those new to ELP’s music I would recommend starting with Brain Salad Surgery which showcases ELP in full bloom. See my review there and under all of ELP’s classic works.
  • A Great Album

    This is a masterpiece.
  • Incredible musicianship

    By loveinatub
    This is a stunning album for any ELP fan. The keyboard playing of Emerson never fails to astround the ears. The intro to trilogy is so sublime. I keep playing it just for the first two minutes alone. These guys are/were so talented. Miles above most musicians. The Brits absolutely totally conquered every aspect of "rock" music putting the Americans to shame.....

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