Local Band Does OKlahoma (Live) - Umphrey's McGee

Local Band Does OKlahoma (Live)

Umphrey's McGee

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2004-02-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2004 SCI Fidelity Records


Title Artist Time
FDR Umphrey's McGee 10:04 USD Album Only
Der Bluten Kat, Pt. 1 Umphrey's McGee 9:55 USD 0.99
Pennis Umphrey's McGee 4:56 USD 0.99
10th Grade Umphrey's McGee 3:15 USD 0.99
Der Bluten Kat, Pt. 2 Umphrey's McGee 5:27 USD 0.99
Divisions, Pt. 1 Umphrey's McGee 13:13 USD Album Only
Glory Umphrey's McGee 2:45 USD 0.99
Divisions, Pt. 2 Umphrey's McGee 7:14 USD 0.99
Der Bluten Kat, Pt. 3 Umphrey's McGee 6:55 USD 0.99



    By KrispyKreme420
    from UM's bio: "Local Band Does OKlahoma was recorded just months after the addition of drummer Kris Myers. The album features excerpts of a small concert in Oklahoma City in 2003. Because of the low attendance of the concert, the band did not use a setlist and did very little preparation for the show. The band was so pleased with the results that they decided to release the highlights of the show via a live album initially available only through their website. " anybody who posts otherwise is a. wrong or b. playing games. sometime umpreaks are worst than ween fans. killer show btw!
  • These guys!!

    By Cornfed from the Bend
    I seen the guys 1st play at Mickey's in South Bend and also at Madison Oyster Bar back in 99 & 2000. Once u hear them play you are hooked!!! And now with Jake and Kris on board, the sky is the limit 4 them. all of there albums are great so get everyone that you can. Why? Because I said so. You will reget it if you don't
  • Myers IS on this album

    By CO Umphreak
    Kris Myers joined the band around Jan of 2003 after Mike Mirro quit in late 2002. This album was recorded on 4/23/03. If you actually LISTEN to the album you can hear fans yell out Myer's name TWICE as well as Bayliss yell "Kris Myers...give it up! Yea!" in the first Divisions. The song "Pennis" is actually an early version of "Oceans Billy." Really cool to hear it before they released it. Overall a cool look into the early Umphrey's McGee...worth the purchase if you want to call yourself an UMphreak! (You can get it for $7.95 on UMLive.net and support the band...sorry ITunes)
  • sick

    By umphreek
    100% kris myers, just listen to the sick playing
  • Great Album

    By Miltown Umphreak
    For the guy below...and for future customers. The drummer is NOT Kris Myers....it is the old drummer Mike Mirro. but nontheless it is AN AMAZING show. it is an absolute must buy! I have been to many umph shows and listened to many umph shows but have never heard one that is the same as this.
  • Awesome..too bad the rest of the show is not available

    By gotcheese
    The venue was BYOB and basically a house in the middle of nowhere in South OKC . The band absolutley rocked the faces off of the 150 guests that showed up. It is one of the best shows I have seen to date and my only critique is they didn't release the rest of the show. (I love Meyers but this is 100% Mirro by the way)
  • hot

    By zappalives
    first off-myers was definatly in the band, and he is real real sick on this disk. his double bass is goin wild. great disc highly reccomended, probably gets the nod over murat
  • amazing

    By sci fan
    actually kris myers, not mike mirros is on drums for this album. And to diss myers you simply do not know anything about drumming or music in general. Amazing album btw and whole show is available on umlive.net
  • Meh

    By The Minx Eater
    Its not meyers. The show was before he was with the band.
  • Umbelievable! A Must Buy!

    By phindthegroove420
    This is umphrey's at their best. Amazing playing from everyone. Myers is on fire, pony keeps the bass line on lock down and drops in some sick solos, brendan and jake are tighter than a dophins butthole, and andy fills everything out with his assorted bells and whistles. Some of the best work I've heard them do. This album is also hard to find so definitley pick it up because its a steal. Keys Traks: EVERY SONG!

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