Set Me Free (À Tout le Monde) - Single - Megadeth

Set Me Free (À Tout le Monde) - Single


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2007-04-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2007 The Echo Label Limited, a BMG Company trading as ECHO


Title Artist Time
Set Me Free (À Tout le Monde) Megadeth 4:09 USD 1.29


  • Á tout le monde

    By nothing_left
    To all the world to all my friends
  • How is this worse than the original?

    By Headbangingmaniac
    First of all the song is a little faster than the orignal, but it is not fast enough to ruin it. Second all who think Christina Scabbia's voice is inaudible is either deaf or just listens to the song once and writes a review. Also the song is more powerful due to the heavier tuning of guitars than the orignal. The guitar solos also sound better in my opinion. So buy this song along with the rest of United Abominations there is not one bad song on there, it is better than End Game, and it I place that album just below Rust in Peace.
  • Ruining one of their best

    By ItsNickAspin
    I love Megadeth, and the original A Toute Le Monde is one of the best songs they ever wrote. I could listen to it all day. This remake is a disgrace to the original. First off, it's too fast. The song isn't supposed to be fast, it needs time to build up before it gets heavy. Second, the guitar and vocals sound too different. I know it's a new guitarist and voices change, but if not for the lyrics and song title, I probably wouldn't recognize it. Lastly, the woman they brought in to do a duet with Dave is almost inaudable, and I don't like her voice from what I can hear. Overall, both Youthanasia and United Abominations are worth purchasing entirely, but if you just want A Toute Le Monde, buy the Youthanasia version instead.
  • Great song

    By maidenfan15
    Hate me if you will, but I like this more than the original.
  • Amazing!

    By deathbreathes
    i have both versions of this. The version on Youthanasia and the one on United Ambominations and they are both amazingly amazing!
  • good

    By JRTET
    good song. i like megadeth now.
  • decent song ruined

    By Inferno186
    alright don't buy it it's a waste of $0.99 it was a pretty good song till the lacuna coil chick ruined it. if u absolutly have to have it then 1. you dont know good metal because chicks dont sing metal period and 2. buy United Abominations because it's on there and the album is a good album so its not a waste
  • Best Song Of 2007

    By Torchy972001
    This verison is bit faster than the original, but more lively. Its a great song to listening everyday.
  • Amazing redo of an already great song!

    By TheAfterHours
    When I first heard that Lacuna Coil's Christina Scabbia did a duet with Mustaine on this track, I immediately downloaded it. It's an amazing song, just like the original which came out over a decade ago. I'm glad that Mustaine is back and kicking a**! Check out the music video for this song as well, it's great!
  • Frickin awesome

    By Krushensky
    One of Megadeth's best albums EVER!!!!!