The Best of the Speeches - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Best of the Speeches

Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2007-08-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2007 Stardust Records


Title Artist Time
The American Dream Martin Luther King Jr. 30:54 USD Album Only
All Here and Now Martin Luther King Jr. 3:39 USD 0.99
We Must Love Each Other Martin Luther King Jr. 12:22 USD Album Only
The Better Martin Luther King Jr. 6:38 USD 0.99
The Dilemma and the Challenge Martin Luther King Jr. 14:10 USD Album Only
We Shall Overcome Martin Luther King Jr. 3:42 USD 0.99


  • Why?!?!?!

    By Bbg4ever
    This is a great album of speeches, but why not free.This is something that will remembered in history forever. Why not FREE!?!?!?! :(
  • Celebrate

    By videokid8000
    Every year on Martin Luther King day I listen to his speeches. It is a great way for me to celebrate a very important holiday. It is rare that I agree with people who complain about paying for content. However a comment about this being content that you find in a library and not some Dave Mathews EP was well said.
  • I love these speeches

    By Not From the Midwest
    This is history and anyone who is interested in MLK speeches should download this!
  • 1Ti5:18 - ...the worker is worthy of his wages

    By DVKeys
    I understand the thought that these speeches should be free but I greatly appreciate the fact that iTunes has made them so readily available for such an inexpensive price. Thanks to iTunes, even though I am overseas, I can download and enjoy these speeches instantly. My children will now have ready access to them as well. I have never seen an anthology of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches in any record store or library and even if it were available free of charge, there is a cost involved. At a minimum, it would cost me the time and fuel for the search and acquisition. What if I couldn't pick it up and asked the store or library to mail it to me? They would have to charge me for shipping and handling. Where can you find someone that provides an instant shipping service? If you could find such a service, don't you think it would be worth paying them? Well, in iTunes you have found such a service and they are only charging $9.99. What a steal of a deal for Dr. King's power and wisdom all in one package given to you instantly!!! If you really think it should be free, then why not produce it yourself and make it freely available for the rest of the world to enjoy? Oh, that would cost you a lot of money wouldn't it? $9.99 to purchase it through iTunes is an absolute bargain. The bottom line is that iTunes has done a great service in making these speeches available to the world and they deserve to be rewarded for that service. Thank you iTunes, keep up the great work!

    hello itunes, since so many of your customers feel this service should be free and of course you guys want to make money...perhaps what you could do is match 10% of each sale and donate it to the new martin luther king building in atlanta. most people would be happy to contribute in any way and they would have timeless speeches that may in fact be invalueable relics of their heritage. Just an ITUNES IDEA.
  • wrong

    By gears
    he would think it would be wrong to make money off this.this is one of the greatest things to hear these words. he did something that will be know in history forever.
  • Apple is becoming the Evil Empire

    By Ebinion
    Apple is now a money hungry beast that must be feed at all times, just like Microsoft. I understand it's a buisness but selling material that should be in the public domain is wrong. Especially as this country has elected its first black president. This is the time to listen and learn from history, but Apple (much in the way that it makes overpriced products and relies on a closed market system to make a profit) like the street vendors selling ironed on Obama shirts has decided it's time to make money. Greed...
  • free at

    By michael.miller
    many such speeches are free at, as is a decent amount of video - all copyright free and legal. what you're paying for here is convenience and artwork. i think those are legitimate, free-market charges that MLK would have approved of...
  • Would get 5 stars except this isn't something Apple should be making a profit on...

    By Julia_Warhol15
    Go to Great Speeches in History podcast - they are free.
  • Yes, charging for this.

    By Pedentic
    Understand that a significant portion of the profits on sales go to the Martin Luther King Jr. Estate. It has been embroiled in family disputes recently but a significant part of the money in the past has gone to charities. And there are costs to reproduce and distribute. These speeches are a valuable part of history and should be listening for everyone but as the inauguration speech today should tell us all, there are no free lunches and we need to learn to pay our fair share.

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