The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (Remastered) - Pantera

The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (Remastered)


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2003-09-23
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2003 Elektra Entertainment Group. Manufactured and Distributed by Rhino Entertainment


Title Artist Time
Cowboys from Hell Pantera 4:04 USD 1.29
Cemetary Gates Pantera 7:03 USD 1.29
Mouth for War Pantera 3:56 USD 1.29
Walk Pantera 5:15 USD 1.29
This Love Pantera 6:33 USD 1.29
I'm Broken Pantera 4:25 USD 1.29
Becoming Pantera 3:06 USD 1.29
5 Minutes Alone Pantera 5:51 USD 1.29
Planet Caravan Pantera 4:04 USD 1.29
Drag the Waters Pantera 4:57 USD 1.29
Where You Come From Pantera 5:13 USD 1.29
Cat Scratch Fever Pantera 3:49 USD 1.29
Revolution Is My Name Pantera 5:18 USD 1.29
I'll Cast a Shadow Pantera 5:19 USD 1.29
Goddamn Electric Pantera 4:57 USD 1.29
Hole In the Sky Pantera 4:16 USD 1.29


  • 🤘🏻PANTERA🔥

    By Destroyer 21👾
    Love Pantera and is favorite band but they should’ve put more songs on here such as Yesterday don’t mean S**t or War Nerve or By Demons Be Driven
  • RIP Vinnie Paul

    By Diazim
    Becoming has one of the best drum lines I have ever heard. I am surprised this song isn't downloaded more. It is very sad that drummer Vinnie Paul is no longer with us. He will be missed.
  • 🤘🏻

    By 7STATIC7
    Hail Metal Gods!!!
  • Stupid fans

    By Poly 47 wire
    Pantera has good music, but their fans are some of the biggest twats on the planet
  • WHAT a RIDE =)

    By Stealer13
    This album will blast you from all sorts of directions!!! From the AWESOME cover songs of "Planet Caravan" to "Hole in the Sky" to "Cat Scratch Fever". This is 1 of those albums that will make you feel like you got a pair of...BALLS (& NO I don't mean the ATHLETIC kind). Including THESE 3 SICK covers, "Walk", "I'm Broken", "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Goddamn Electric" are MY FAVORITES 2 listen 2, while the other 9 songs cap off this Greastest Hits album in the most...DESTRUCTIVE-WAY imaginable!!! Click yes if you agree!!!!
  • Pantera vs Skid Row

    By mebosunot
    I never forget the first time I saw Pantera: in the 90's they opened for Skid Row on their Cowboys tour in Seattle. They blew me and everyone away and funny enough, half of the auidence left when they finished and Skid Row came on to stage...I think that only the girls stayed. They made Skid Row and Bach sound like a joke, a glam band for girls; I also left after the first song when S B was struggling to sing his high lame that was. As Phil A put it on Headbangers Ball back in the days: "Thank you very much for Metallica for coming out with that gay "Black" album; now we are officially the best metal band in the world!" So true that was; that's when I stopped listening Metallica all together... Although everyone has their favorite Pantera songs - they are missing a few of mine here -, it's always nice to have a compilation from this band as they never get old to listen to... Best live show I've ever seen in my life when they toured with Suicidal Tendencies. The good old days... Legends.
  • Pantera!

    By metlhead13
    One of the greatest bands that will ever play. The energy this music has is insane.
  • Cemetary Gates (only one I care for)

    By Teri301
    Good take care Marco (John Doe). Just take care. Worrying.
  • Pantera metal!!!

    By Salvatallica
    Pantera is some of the heaviest HEAVY metal you can come across, and they have some groovy yet heavy songs. Perosnal favorites: 5 mins alone, mouth for war, walk, broken, new level, becoming, and this love.
  • Pantera rocks!!

    By Pantera210
    Best album ever!!

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