45:33 - LCD Soundsystem


LCD Soundsystem

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2007-11-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2007 DFA Records


Title Artist Time
45:33 LCD Soundsystem 45:58 USD Album Only


  • It's worth full album price

    By trumansfriend7
    Yes, it is one song. I can see why some people are complaining about paying eight bucks for a single track, but... trust me. I'm not a huge fan of electronic music, but works like this could make me one. It's a solid work of art from beginning to end and makes for a very surreal mental movie. All you have to do is play it and let your mind do the rest. Great stuff!
  • try it.

    By oh•vell
    ...you'll like it. and contrary to what it would seem, and what I tend to say a lot, this is a disc that CAN and probably SHOULD be listened to by picking and choosing tracks. "iv" is dirty. "v" might be better. "vi" and the bonus tracks are great as well. I enjoyed almost the whole thing all the way through, but some probably won't. by the way this was obviously written for the actual record, and if you don't see that it's split into sections, I'm sorry, and you need to broaden your search methods beyond itunes.
  • Workout Mix...right.

    By B.Haze
    Don't let people try to tell you this is a great workout mix. It only is if you love working out to Kenny G.
  • Not worth $7!!!!!! How bout $3!

    By EEargh! A Giant Sqiud!!
    Album does not rip out into percussion. It's like it was made as a joke, to mock Adidas or whoever it was made for. The sound bytes are b.s.. He includes the whole track of "someone great" in the middle of the set!! I like this guy, but what the hell, man. Get it for free. it's worth that. It's not even that great for working out. Buy Ratatat instead.
  • 45:33

    By El Miguel49
    Heard this on a College radio station in Oregon. Blew me Away. It's meant to be listened to while running, and it was apparently comissioned by Nike to be paired with their Nike + iPod product line. I just bought the album because it's something worth actually listeneing to again. and again. I'm going to take it to the gym to try it out now.
  • Soundtrack used for the Yves Saint Laurent F/W 08-09 collection!

    By GetInnocuous
    I've been looking for this track for quite some time this is the exact same one that the creative geniuses at Yves Saint Laurent used for their fall collection. Its definetally a must have!!
  • Simpy amazing

    By Tony Eve
    Totally reminds me of being in a east coast house club listening to some awesome house music I only wish it was longer!
  • Worth the $7.99

    By OK-Jeff
    I'm a huge LCD fan. This is a very good stand alone record. Great for workouts. Since this was intended to be a complete piece of music at 45:33 in length, its tough to compare to their other albums or even their singles. While it doesn't have the sheer GREATNESS of a song like "All My Friends" it does have some good grooves in which you can get lost in. Don't be cheap, spend the eight bucks and enjoy!
  • Not fast enough for me

    By echofan
    "The perfect workout track"? I expected this to be high-energy the whole way; the kind of stuff that really makes me really burn calories. Well, only about 35 minutes into it does it get fast enough, and then for only 7 minutes. I love LCD Soundsystem to death—going so far to say they are the most innovative band around right now—but I would rather listen to the Sound of Silver CD to get my heart pumping at the gym. This track is good enough to listen to as background music at work, but I'm sorry to say I would not recommend it as a workout track unless you are the type that just walks for 45 minutes.
  • Great Song ( techincally i dont consider it a song)

    By delkin03
    No one is really looking at how kind of revolutionary this is. And the beauty of it is that this song is longer than some of the albums out right now. Making this takes more skill than making some stupid pop song that everyone has heard. I reccomend this as a good buy also because it is less than a regular album but like i said longer than most out these days. Kinda is more like earlier LCD like their first disc but I really enjoyed listening this. Got forty-five minutes to kill? Why not listen to this and expirience great music.

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