Seven Moons - Jack Bruce & Robin Trower

Seven Moons

Jack Bruce & Robin Trower

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2008 V-12 Records


Title Artist Time
Seven Moons Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 4:40 USD 0.99
Lives of Clay Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 5:02 USD 0.99
Distant Places of the Heart Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 5:23 USD 0.99
She's Not the One Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 2:54 USD 0.99
So Far to Yesterday Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 3:33 USD 0.99
Just Another Day Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 5:29 USD 0.99
Perfect Place Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 3:46 USD 0.99
The Last Door Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 5:08 USD 0.99
Bad Case of Celebrity Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 4:04 USD 0.99
Come to Me Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 4:43 USD 0.99
I'm Home Jack Bruce & Robin Trower 3:11 USD 0.99


  • Perfect Place Rocks

    By TB49
    this duo stills hits it right! the vocals are good, Trower is still great, and the combo between them says, is it 2008, or 1978???
  • their best collaborative effort....

    By novemberland1
    "Seven Moons" is stellar. Not only the best effort of the three collaborations between Trower and Bruce, but this record contains both the rush and the elegance that defines each man's career. The live-in-the-studio voodoo of this recording could serve as a beacon for the young musicians out there flailing in the barren landscape of flat, auto-tuned, cut-and-paste collages folks call music these days. This album is a revelation: three artists in a room together making music the old-fashioned way, by living it in the moment.
  • Rock'n'Roll had a baby. They call it the Blues

    By Sgt Rock
    This is a gem. Two great musicians on a great album. That voice. The tone of the guitar and bass. Good stuff. But be warned, the best rockers are old. Let's hope that they never fade away. This is serious music from classic rockers. If you haven't heard it. Buy it. You'll like it. Now get back to your Lady Gagadavida, babee...
  • Legends

    By garboots
    Its all good...but.....doesn't Jack Bruce sound....well....old? Please don't get me wrong I appreciate what they both have done. Its just that Trower playing was up to par and Bruce was soundin kinda shakey.
  • Stick with BBM

    By QuoteNotes
    Two greats who still are but have released an average CD. If you're big fans of Jack Bruce and Robin Trower (like me), you'll find this CD worthwhile. Otherwise, the songwriting simply isn't good enough to warrant purchasing the whole CD. Pick the songs you like and download them. A better collaberative effort was the Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Gary Moore CD, BBM - Around the Next Dream, which had GREAT songs and was a legitimate throwback to the glory days (the name of one of the songs) of Cream.
  • Mailing it in...

    By StipendiumPeccati
    Im a big fan of Robin Trower, and his guitar work is legendary. We get plenty of smooth and evocative guitar here, but Mr Bruce's deadpan vocals and the at best average song writing make this little more than background music. These venerable gentlemen need to do something to put a spring in their step!
  • Head back in time!

    By OxBuzzard
    This is a real TRIP back to the early 70's. Jack's bass lines are hypnotic and the actual songs are excellent. Each tune is thoughtful and well crafted with lyrics that really resonate. Jack's vocals are as tight as ever and sound as fresh as they did back in the day.Then ther's the guitar! Robin is simply KILLING IT on this album. The smokiness and vibiness of his playing surpasses Bridge of Sighs. He channels Jimi like nobody can. In short, this album delivers to Cream fans, Trower fans, Jimi fans, Uni-vibe fans, heads, Guitar Hero wannabes and anybody else with ears. Visit the 7 Moons NOW!
  • a window from the past to present

    By hotshotguitar
    Tone & Soul... a clinic for all those wet behind the ears.
  • Classic

    By 6 string sting
    LISTEN UP BOYS AND GIRLS!!!!! this is how it's done...
  • it keeps getting better!

    By VidRip
    Initially, I was not thrilled with the idea of this third collaboration. The first two sounded more like Trower and less like Bruce, with his bass buried in the mix and none of his signature sound as Cream member or solo artist. This release is different. It sounds like a real collaboration of equals. Bruce's vocals are great -what a pleasant surprise after what he's been through! And the songs are catchy and clever. Trower has now sounded like Hendrix for longer than Hendrix ever did - so it's ok to just enjoy the man's artistry. Repeated listening will yield a depth of emotion and ideas hidden just below the blues riffs.

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