Toxicity - System Of A Down


System Of A Down

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2001-08-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2001 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.


Title Artist Time
Prison Song System Of A Down 3:21 USD 1.29
Needles System Of A Down 3:13 USD 1.29
Deer Dance System Of A Down 2:54 USD 1.29
Jet Pilot System Of A Down 2:06 USD 1.29
X System Of A Down 1:58 USD 1.29
Chop Suey! System Of A Down 3:30 USD 1.29
Bounce System Of A Down 1:54 USD 1.29
Forest System Of A Down 4:00 USD 1.29
ATWA System Of A Down 2:56 USD 1.29
Science System Of A Down 2:42 USD 1.29
Shimmy System Of A Down 1:50 USD 1.29
Toxicity System Of A Down 3:38 USD 1.29
Psycho System Of A Down 3:45 USD 1.29
Aerials System Of A Down 3:55 USD 1.29
Arto System Of A Down 2:13 USD 1.29


  • Love it!

    By yamijames
    What more can I say?
  • What a beautiful album!

    By Vampanda245
    I’ve always loved them since I was little and I would have to sneaky listen to them because they were “the devils music” now I know that is the opposite of what I was told. My son also loves them! Definitely want more from this band but still get to listen to classics while patiently waiting. 🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯
  • 🤘🏻

    By Kian SB
  • Amazing

    By HordebomberEJ
    Classic album
  • This album destroys....

    By Cersei's Koont
    Literally, from start to finish. SOAD at their best.
  • Great album

    By haveACrab
    Let’s go through the songs one by one. Prison Song: BUM bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bananaba! Great opening, great song, a bit simple though. 8.5/10 Needles: YOOOOOUUUUU! My tapeworm tells me where to go. Decent song, awesome riff, weird and hard to explain. 7.5/10 Deer Dance: PUSHING LITTLE CHILDREN! WITH THEIR FULLY AUTOMATICS! THEY LIKE TO PUSH THE WEAK AROUND! Great song, amazing riff, weak solo. 9/10 Jet Pilot: My. Horse. Is a SHCKled old man. Very good song, amazing chorus, very unmemorable. 7.5/10 X: WE DON’T NEED TO MULTIPLY!!! Incredible opening, fast pace, but you would have trouble convincing me this is a System of a Down song. 8/10 Chop Suey!: WAKE UP!!! Iconic, amazing and innovative, but goodness it’s overplayed. 8/10 Bounce: JUMP pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo. Feels out of place, but has a fast pace. 7/10 Forest: Take this promise to the end, CAW! Great song, simple yet effective solo, but long. 8.5/10 ATWA ( air, trees, water, animals ): good song, intentionally sloppy guitar solo showing the confused fragments of the individual’s mind. 8/10 Science: This feels like a generic song until the halfway point. Then it feels like a precursor to Arto. 7.5/10 Shimmy: I WANT TO SHIMMY SHIMMY SHIMMY TILL THE BREAK OF DAWN YEAH! weird one for sure. I like the frantic pace, though. 7.5/10 Toxicity: the best single of the album. It’s just pure System of a Down. Great solo, too. 9/10 Psycho: The solo. That’s all that needs to be said. Also very, at first, out of no where shifts in tone, and a noticeable theme and meaning. 8.5/10 Aerials: Great song, definitely feels different from the other songs. 8.5/10 Arto: a what. 7/10 Overall: second best album. 8/10
  • Best Systems Album

    By pollygg
    I grew up on Frank Zappa so I get this band and their compilation of sorted mix of metal and psyco babble Its all musically correct! Original! Ahead of its Time!
  • System rocks!!

    By Tibxwjbczgj
    Best album everii
  • Awsome Music!!

    By Popitin
    I discovered System of a Down as recently as this year 2017, while listen Metallica Radio on Pandora. Wonderful discovery!! I am stock with their music. I buy this album and some other song on iTunes. Great Live Performances available on Youtube. Could be interesting to know WHY they are not doing new material, BUT still go on Tour every two years or so in Europe, Brazil, etc.. Their lead singer has made some solo works... but is not the same. May the Peace be with you... Blessings!!
  • Memories

    By NissanSkyline034
    Science from Atv Offroad Fury 2 is an awesome memory from my childhood.

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