Learn Spanish:  Learning Spanish Like Crazy (Super Light) - Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Learn Spanish: Learning Spanish Like Crazy (Super Light)

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2005-06-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2005 Learning Like Crazy


Title Artist Time
Learn Spanish 1 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 29:18 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 2 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 39:19 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 3 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 31:55 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 4 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 30:22 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 5 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 34:20 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 6 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 30:56 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 7 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 30:04 USD Album Only
Learn Spanish 8 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 23:53 USD Album Only


  • Need help downloading

    By HP Math
    I purchased this on iTunes but it starts to download and then stops. It says there is an error downloading. Any ideas????
  • Album 2-7 same as album 1?

    By Roxiegirl01
    I'm about to buy and previewing all albums. Wondering why the other albums-2-7 have same content as album 1?
  • Very helpful, well designed program

    By Feshiegirl
    You certainly can't learn Spanish just from listening to some audio lessons, but this series has been a huge help in my overall beginning studies of Spanish. Well designed program has just enough repetition to help you remember words, but no so much that you grow weary of it. Two speakers (a male and female) help you hear the different ways a word can be pronounced. I tend to repeat each lesson twice before moving on and I really feel I've learned a lot from the lessons. A definite asset in a my studies.
  • Learn Spanish like crazy

    By creampuff56
    Super basic, much too simple. You can learn at most a few phrases that you can easily pick up with many more from any tape or cd in a library. A total waste of money if you want to actually learn or practice anything. The description is totally misleading, and I find the testimony of the other reviewers difficult to believe.
  • Not well thought out

    By DgmTexas1
    This does not load into your audio books, but into your music. Really not worth the purchase!
  • easy spanish lessons

    By stefanini
    These lessons are great for the beginner and can give you a quick start. Very clear and easy to practice.
  • Fun, Effective and Quick

    By Superfly6928
    Wow! There are many excellent Spanish learning resources on iTunes, but his one may be the best. This course focuses on verbs and their tenses much like some other courses. I found the verb choices, the sentences presented and the explanations better than any other that I have tried.
  • Enjoyable and especially effective if you supplement...

    By ProvostZakharov
    I liked these lessons, they introduce most vocabulary at a measured pace and review often by inserting old vocab into new situations. The lessons cover enough to get you started and excited about Spanish, and learn to ask where the bathroom is and so on, and so are a good jumping off point. I found that (as a visual learner) I got the most out of these tracks by keeping google translator and other Spanish language sites open, so that while listening I could see the words and how they were spelled--it is much easier for me to both remember and imitate if I have some mental visual cues as well. Ahora estudio español todos los días!

    By ROLO in KO
    I've yet to get the entire product... can't say if I like it or not... paid my 9.99, did the sync, lo and behold, I HAVE TRACKS 4-8!! Kind of hard to learn Spanish, when you don't have all the lessons... UPDATE: Got the problem resolved by the end of the day!! In retrospect, it may have been something that I had done. Really good customer service: good instructions, friendly e-mail from the iTunes rep, all done in a timely fashion. I've heard a little bit of my spanish lessons --think I am going to like them. So far, so good!
  • Good

    By Beach08
    Very helpful.