Hole In the Sun - Night Ranger

Hole In the Sun

Night Ranger

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-07-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2008 MTV Networks


Title Artist Time
Tell Your Vision Night Ranger 5:00 USD 0.99
Drama Queen Night Ranger 3:59 USD 0.99
You're Gonna Hear from Me Night Ranger 3:53 USD 0.99
Whatever Happened Night Ranger 3:45 USD 0.99
There Is Life Night Ranger 5:34 USD 0.99
Rockstar Night Ranger 4:20 USD 0.99
Hole In the Sun Night Ranger 4:50 USD 0.99
Fool In Me Night Ranger 4:13 USD 0.99
White Knuckle Ride Night Ranger 4:16 USD 0.99
Revelation 4AM Night Ranger 4:55 USD 0.99
Wrap It Up Night Ranger 4:20 USD 0.99
Being Night Ranger 4:49 USD 0.99
Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Aco Night Ranger 4:56 USD 0.99
Sister Christian (Acoustic) Night Ranger 5:07 USD 0.99


  • Not Good In My Opinion

    By nayryerfdog
    This album is not good because it isn't the same Night Ranger that I have always loved. It doesn't even sound like them.
  • Hole in The Sun

    By guitarblaze
    I don't know why I see bad reviews on this album! It's great rock and roll man. The hooks are good and I like it just as much as the other albums. Tons of energy!! come on!! Great job guys!!!!
  • They are so much more than Sister Christian.....this is a solid record by these guys!

    By Popdrummer1970
    Not my favorite, I love them a bit more produced but it rocks! I would love to see the videos put up, especially the rare ones. I love the ones from the Big Life era.
  • Fantastic

    By schmrdrmr
    Well let me say I still am visiting this album since the day it came out. Yes they tried to update their sound but boy did they do a great job of it. Unfortunately, too many people are critical when bands try to evolve. Sure there are some weaker track on here but check out White Knuckle Ride, Revelation 4 am and Whatever Happened. Also, check out the stellar ballad There Is Life. For those of you that want to exist in the eighties have at it but many of these bands want to change with the times. Trust me I like the bands with the retro sound, but Night Ranger still has all the key components just a little heavier sound. This is the best of the new Night Ranger material and I place this up along with their classics. My first concert ever was the Midnight Madness tour here in Colorado. What a great band!
  • Not Ranger

    By Wilber Tootleberry
    This is a rough listening experience because the vocal tracks really bring this down to two stars. I want to like it because it's Night Ranger, but I just can't do it.
  • LOVE the new Night Ranger!!

    By yarnmama
    I am a long time fan since the 80s and I was so glad to find their new stuff. I love this album more everytime I listen to it. There is still the essence of their sound from the old days but updated. I was skeptical that i would like it since I was hooked on their 80s stuff. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up!
  • Time to embrace the nostalgia circuit

    By rockisgeorge
    Maybe it's me. Maybe I just want Night Ranger to sound like they did twenty years ago. I know that's not possible. The guys are older, the musical landscape has changed, and I can't imagine they had the same budget they did for their 80s releases. I have to say though, when I think of Night Ranger, I want to hear thunderous guitars, killer hooks, catchy choruses, and emotional power ballads. Hole in the Sun simply doesn't deliver enough of that. It does in a very small does, but not enough to carry the album. Perhaps it's time for the group to embrace the nostalgia, and forget about creating the next Night Ranger classic. Let's face it, we already have so much to choose from.
  • BLECH!

    By wgzn
    this is just another example of why i've given up on the music industry. nobody's doing anything new. everything is just a dilluted version of what's already been done. and old bands that re-group, missing more than one of the original members just dont cut it.
  • Night Ranger Is Back!

    By NRlovin
    Night Ranger is back! They sound heavier, yet still retain their classic sound. The vocals are rich and soulful, the guitars melt your face off, and if thats not enough, the acoustic cuts of Sister Christian and DTMYLV at the end make the whole album worthwhile! Seriously rockin. Keep up the good work Night Ranger!
  • Great new album from classic band!

    By NtRngrLvr
    Never a let down, Night Ranger performs as solid as ever! Classics such as Sister Christian (acoustic) are amazing and sound great! They definitely live up to all previous records!

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