Alive In America - Steely Dan

Alive In America

Steely Dan

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1995-10-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 1995 Giant Records


Title Artist Time
Babylon Sisters (Live) Steely Dan 6:47 USD 1.29
Green Earrings (Live) Steely Dan 5:20 USD 1.29
Bodhisattva (Live) Steely Dan 5:47 USD 1.29
Reelin' In the Years (Live) Steely Dan 6:24 USD 1.29
Josie (Live) Steely Dan 6:11 USD 1.29
Book of Liars (Live) Steely Dan 4:19 USD 1.29
Peg (Live) Steely Dan 4:19 USD 1.29
Third World Man (Live) Steely Dan 6:38 USD 1.29
Kid Charlemagne (Live) Steely Dan 5:16 USD 1.29
Sign In Stranger (Live) Steely Dan 6:33 USD 1.29
Aja (Live) Steely Dan 9:02 USD 1.29


  • Steely Dan is NOT made for live music.

    By The Chair Of Torture
    Just go buy these songs seperatly. Also I dislike some of these tracks (lookin at you Peg).
  • Alive in America

    By shelbyblue
    I really wanted to give this 5 stars but Black Cow and Deacon Blues were missing from the recording. All in all some really great music. Brought back so many high School memories.

    By Rock and Jazz
    I have that on cd. But it might take up computer space. So I'll get that on iTunes.
  • I saw this tour in Colorado.

    By Jonathan Tiersten
    I am just buying the album now. What the itunes reviewer does not understand is the desperation we felt as Steely Dan fans. It was a dream come true to finally see them perform. We rented a Limousine to take us to the show. I even got arrested in their honor. I like to think Donald would have been proud. If that is 'nostalgia' then I am guilty as charged.
  • An absolute 10!!!!

    By Wolf Johnson
    This album is what you want. Steely Dan and Live?! What gets better than that? (Only When your there!)
  • Not so much...

    By tjsi
    Instead buy The Royal Scam, Pretzel Logic, even Gaucho... You'll never get sick of them.
  • Truly "Alive in America"

    By knewART
    My only question for the iTunes reviewer: compared to what? What's lost on the reviewer is the comparative complexity of pulling off these songs LIVE. Like any truly talented and skilled musicians, each LIVE cut expands on the original song in subtle but refreshing ways. If you loved the original song, each cut on this album brings enough familiarity to assuage your need for a live version, but adds a mildly jazz-like "in the moment" element that makes it unique - in a very, very good way. If you admire Steely Dan for their originality, musicality and skill, then you can't miss with this fine example of their talent.
  • Amazing

    By pianomac
    Whoever wrote the iTunes review for this got it wrong. The fact that Steely Dan could pull off these songs live at all, most of which were only ever done in the studio with a wide variety of session musicians, is an amazing feat of musicianship. The opening three tracks are among the finest in all of the Steely Dan catalog, in fact Green Earrings and Bodhisattva actually outdo the versions on the original albums. Reelin' In the Years and Book of Liars are the only tracks that don't stand out, the rest is a superb affirmation of Steely Dan's place at the top of the rock and roll heap.
  • alive in america

    By spot j
    whoever wrote the 'itunes' review of alive in america is clearly void of understanding the beauty of this performance. pulling off these songs and arrangements live is a monumental task. fagen and becker did it so skillfully after not having been on a stage together in almost 15 years. please, if you don't understand something, don't write about it. this album is a 'must have' for anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty of steely dan.
  • Must have.

    By Bennet W
    If you're a fan of Steely Dan, you must own this record.