Halim - Natacha Atlas


Natacha Atlas

  • Genre: World
  • Release Date: 1997-03-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 1997 Nation Records Ltd./Beggars Banquet Records Ltd.


Title Artist Time
Marifnaash Natacha Atlas 4:47 USD 1.29
Moustahil Natacha Atlas 3:31 USD 1.29
Amulet Natacha Atlas 4:57 USD 1.29
Leyli Natacha Atlas 3:40 USD 1.29
Kidda Natacha Atlas 5:08 USD 1.29
Sweeter Than Any Sweets Natacha Atlas 5:57 USD 1.29
Ya Weledi Natacha Atlas 7:08 USD 1.29
Engoom Wil Amar Natacha Atlas 6:43 USD 1.29
Andeel Natacha Atlas 5:54 USD 1.29
Gafsa Natacha Atlas 6:35 USD 1.29
Ya Albi Ehda Natacha Atlas 8:58 USD 1.29
Agib Natacha Atlas 7:34 USD 1.29


  • Cool Exotic Music Kin of Like Tawher’s Music

    By marcialove
    She has an Exotic Style very unique, somehow similar to Tawher, But Tawher mix more Electronic sounds in his songs and Sonatas,…. I will always go for natacha always.
  • She RAKS!

    By Bethsheba Almah
    What's NOT to like about Natacha? Antoxicating, loungy belly dance music, ultra sexy voice and amazing talent! Transglobal Underground was bad but she is bad a_ _ solo!
  • Try New Things!

    By AnnaK
    If you're looking for a beautiful song to take you away to another place,try "Gafsa".It gives me shivers any time I listen to it,
  • Halim is Sweeter Than Any Sweets!

    By Live. Laugh. Love Music.
    Halim is Natacha’s best album, in my opinion. Diaspora (first album) and Gedida (third album) are not far behind, but Halim stands out as having the most incredible and creative arrangement of songs. Diaspora is more ambient dub, while Gedida is largely influenced by Arabic pop and R&B. Sung entirely in Arabic, Halim is a perfect balance of ambience/electronic, R&B, Arabic pop, and traditional Middle Eastern medleys. Marifnaash, Moustahil, Amulet, and Kidda are great pop songs. (You can view Amulet on YouTube.) Belly dancers will delight in Leyli, Ya Weledi, and Enogoom Wil Amar (an outstanding song). Ya Weledi has a march rhythm with beautiful Middle Eastern arrangements, and the more classical Ya Albi Ehda is reminiscent of the legendary Fairuz. The R&B-influenced arrangements include Sweeter than Any Sweets and Agib, in which Atlas’ snake-charmed voice arrests the senses. The lyrics of Andeel speak for the song itself: “As intoxicating as full bodied wine/ As essential as the blood that runs through my veins...” Andeel, with its ambient Middle Eastern allure and Natacha’s well-conditioned voice, is indeed intoxicating and her voice “stirs the patina of emotions/ That lie in another world…” Andeel is truly my favorite on the album. Gafsa is the mellowest song, and Natacha’s voice is beautiful and longing. All of the songs are delightfully poetic. Here is a sample of Enogoom Wil Amar taken from the liner notes (which include the English translations from nine of the songs): I miss you My love burns to see you again I keep company with the stars And the moon and the bitter sweet night And there is a magic to my life Made by you Halim is an overall amazing album that deserves widespread recognition. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves Arabic pop, traditional Middle Eastern, and electronic music.

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