The Empowered Peace - EP - Current Value

The Empowered Peace - EP

Current Value

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2008-11-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4

  • ℗ 2009 Tech Itch Digital


Title Artist Time
Peace Current Value 6:06 USD 0.99
Empowered Current Value 7:14 USD 0.99
Math Current Value 6:30 USD 0.99
Rememberance Current Value 6:58 USD 0.99


  • This is going to be a classic.

    By Solonavi
    Current Value has always been a hit-and-miss kind of guy with me. Excellence EP, Brainwash, and the superb "Revealing the Concealed" EP make me love the chap, but for every good song he puts out on a release, three or four mediocre or just plain awful ones seem to follow. Now, it's been a good few years since the classic "Revealing the Concealed" hit, and although indvidual tracks have certainly hit the standards set by that work, no release in its entirety has. Until now... This is...even better than the RtC EP. It's phenominal, original, engaging...there aren't enough words to describe it. It makes you move, but it also makes you wonder, think. Sure all of these tracks will destroy a dancefloor, in fact, it'll level it. But there's emotion here, whereas RtC was just fun to listen to, Empowered Peace is fun but with a sense of purpose. The tracks go somewhere, they don't get repetitive, and they sound unlike any other DnB artist out there. Hell, I'd be willing to say the tracks don't sound like any other music out there. Peace is a fantastic opener, epic beyond proportion, driving, like the dusk before a long night's journey. Then we drop into the dark abyss with Empowered, a tune so fantastically aggressive and menacing it outdoes the classic CV track "Machines" by a billion to one. You will dance, and you will work up quite a sweat, ha ha. The lil chap just doesn't....let....up. Then we have Math, the battle scene of this 28 minute 48 second sci-fi epic, the ultimate fight track, and if you want a less dramatized definition, practice your kickboxing to this. It switches, it growls, it screams, and it pounds. Finally dawn comes again with Rememberance, there's a reason this was the parting shot on Tech Itch's last mix album. It brings back memories of the dark night we just endured, but looks forward, into the sunrise, into the future. Roll credits...