Stuff You Should Know: Super Stuffed Guide to the Economy - & HowStuffWorks

Stuff You Should Know: Super Stuffed Guide to the Economy & HowStuffWorks

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2009-03-11
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
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Stuff You Should Know: Super S 5:54 USD Album Only


  • Super stuff review

    By Pamla K Messinger
    I enjoyed the book/ album. Entertaining and I will continue to listen to it again as I do your podcasts that interest me most. Would you consider. Doing an update, to where we are now from where we were then. So thank you Josh and Chuck. Keep up the education of our minds and enlightening our thoughts. Pamla k Messinger
  • Perfect

    By BetaBrain
    You guys did a really great job!
  • Love the podcast, not so much this

    By fitski
    1 hour show, weak audio special effects and the economy experts quotes could have been more informative. Not worth $3.99...$.69 - $.99 cents more like it. Feels like it should have had more effort put into it for the price.
  • Why cant we know how long it plays?

    By robert pratt
    35 mins, 45, an hour? what?
  • Excellent.

    By dnbnme
    I love Josh and Chuck, and found this to be very interesting and informative. What I don't understand is, why some of the comments say that "Anyone with a business degree knows this" or "This is stuff you would learn in Economics 101," when that is the point! They explain things in a way that the average person could understand. The economy has always been very interesting to me, and this (combined with the SYSK episodes about the economy) has kept me well informed in today's economy (especially considering I'm in high school). Definitely worth the $4.
  • simple minded and a lot of disinfo

    By setikins
    I am a big fan of stuff you should know and really looked forward to this. On an elemtary level for the laymen it's a decent introduction, however I do not feel they have a good understanding of the federal reserve and globalism. The fed is a very crooked ponzi scheme that manipulates and prints money not in the interest of the people of the US but for the big bankers. Read "the Creature from Jeckel Island" to get a better understanding of how the fed is a private off-shore globalist corporation. Or check out the documentary "money masters". I will still keep listening to their podcasts on lighter topics, but for truth about the economy and the coming dollar collapse these guys fall short.
  • Terrible.

    By AUGH!!!!
    I'm dissappointed
  • Flawless

    By striker157
    Absolutely amazing, I went on a road trip with my family from pensylvainia to maine , and I'm just thinking well I bought this and I have 9hrs to listen to it. Josh and chuck, the most amazing people they give you the information straight and very understandable , I'm 14 and I'm an absolute fan of these guys it's worth the 3.99. Take my word !
  • Hearts & Stars

    By UmiHarrison
    Can't wait for the next Super Stuffed Guide!

    By Chanse H
    This really lets us all know what is going on and it's classic Josh and Chuck. I've tried listening to other podcasts from how stuff works but stuff you should know is just the best. The way Josh and Chuck do it is just flawless. I am glad to support these guys because i know that there are greater things on the way from them!