Rough Cuts - EP - Knives Out

Rough Cuts - EP

Knives Out

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2010-01-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4

  • ℗ 2010 SICK6 Records


Title Artist Time
Surrounded By Demons Knives Out 4:06 USD 0.99
Pink On the Inside Knives Out 3:46 USD 0.99
Swollen Mistress Knives Out 3:49 USD 0.99
Eat Your Heart Out Knives Out 4:23 USD 0.99


  • Hell yeah

    By TheR33d
    i got my copy of knives out's full album. i have to say that tod is still a great vocalist, and that robot bavylon(not sure if thats how you spell it, and blood everywhere are great songs.
  • No Brainer

    By Whytmexican
    Todd Smith plus Tom Maxwell = win
  • Meh

    By PschoticSuperStar
    It's alright. It's good and all, but not what I've come to expect from a Todd Smith side project. In the other sides(Polkadot Cadaver, The Alter Boys, El-Creepo) He didn't just sound like he was trying to re-sell Dog Fashion Disco with a different name. Hey, I'd give this a five star if it were DFD, but a three as a side poject for lacking the originality present in every other side you have and that I've come to look foreward to. Sorry.
  • Bad Azz

    By Potter111111
    I'm not normally the type of person to write reviews, but this is one of the best EPs that I've ever heard. I feel the Nothingface and the DFD roots come out of this, which is a nice combination. As a musician, I expect more than the mainstream crap that I usually hear, but this is not that garbage - this is great, creative, and well executed music. This is the best cd that I have bought in the last 2 years - hands down. If you like DFD and Nothingface (or either of the 2), this cd will not dissapoint you. Please make a full length album Knives Out!
  • Everything you've ever loved about two great bands!

    By Killmitchengage
    This is the perfect combination of everything you loved from Nothingface and Dog Fashion Disco. Todd's amazing screaming ability shows through again, more than it ever did in Dog Fashion Disco accompanied with his soothing singing voice . The overwhelming heavy guitars and drums you knew from Nothingface thanks to Sickles and Maxwell accompanied by Jasan Stepp and Dave Cullen formerly of DFD. Anyone who loved old nothingface and older DFD shouldn't be able to refuse the absolute greatness of this album.
  • Amazingly Awesome!!!!!!!

    By Joshua D.
    Man this is a such a great project and band. Anything Todd Smith and Jasan touch is unbelievable!!! The sound is pumping, hard and viscous! Make sure to check out Todd's other ventures with Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver and El-Creepo. I can't wait for a full length album. This is a must buy for fans of hard metal or anything that Todd has done.
  • Full Blown rippin band

    By Ha-ree
    A must have if you like to rock out!! cant wait for more from these guys!!!!
  • Been waiting a long time for this........

    By skwoticus
    ......And it was well worth the wait. No longer do I have to listen to these songs at a crappy bit-rate on Myspace. My favorite song is Swollen Mistress. Knives Out!

    By goatsmoke
    God I've been waiting for something from these guys for ever... I was just dl Adultery cuz I lost it and saw this and freaked.. I love Todd's work and I absolutely respect Nothingface. Awesome project and awesome work.
  • Amazing!!

    By The Dude616
    I have been waiting almost a year for something frome these guys, I know its only 4 songs but its possibly the best 3.96$ i've ever spent.