Electric Mud - Muddy Waters

Electric Mud

Muddy Waters

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 1996-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 1996 Geffen Records


Title Artist Time
I Just Want to Make Love to Yo Muddy Waters 4:18 USD 1.29
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters 4:50 USD 1.29
Let's Spend the Night Together Muddy Waters 3:09 USD 1.29
She's Alright Muddy Waters 6:31 USD 1.29
Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 3:48 USD 1.29
Herbert Harper's Free Press Ne Muddy Waters 4:36 USD 1.29
Tom Cat Muddy Waters 3:37 USD 1.29
The Same Thing Muddy Waters 5:43 USD 1.29


  • More relevant now than ever

    By BobbyD5001
    This is an outstanding collection of songs that really showcase the strength, emotion, and unique character of Muddy's voice. In the context of 60's psych-rock, where the bar was set relatively low by performers such as Jimi Hendrix who had a tendency to "speak" their lyrics, Muddy's traditional blues melodies really fill out the scale and key of each tune. In addition, the apparent wisdom and maturity of a blues legend is simply unmistakable in his signature crooning. That gives these songs a fuller, richer vocal sound than many of the psych-rock hit records that the producer was attempting to borrow from. The official review posted on iTunes is probably accurate if you are a strict traditional-blues fan, but that's exactly what made this record brilliant - it wasn't made for traditional blues fans. Much attention is given to the fact that Muddy himself was not a fan of the record; he admittedly didn't understand the point. However in the context of alternative rock today, where many artists whose names start with "the" are borrowing from different aspects of 60's &70's blues-rock, this record has finally arrived in an era where it makes perfect sense. In light of the fact that this album as also been heavily sampled in the hip-hop soundscape, the conclusion that "Electric Mud" was light-years ahead of its time is simply unescapable... even if Waters himself didn't recognize it.
  • you should have heard this in '68

    By provo
    This album was originally in a solid black cover. one of the first three albums I bought (Steppenwolf II, Led Zep's first). An awesome introduction to electric blues. Makes me wonder how old the itunes reviewer is!! It aint always about form....function is often more important. BUY THIS ALBUM.....and listen for that sweet little ''My Girl'' ending.
  • Hating to Love

    This is one album I hate to love. This album isn't perfect and it can be hard to listen to all at once. In a way, it's just bad because Muddy Waters didn't need to do anything but the electric blues. But, this album fits into that great American tradition of mixing genres and styles to make something new. This album was a beginning, if you listen closely you can hear some hip-hop ready to jump out of there.
  • Who is the person..

    By RobotScythe
    ...who writes the official reviews for iTunes?? They need to to just give the facts about the albums and keep their opinions to themselves, because I've read many an official iTunes review in the descriptions of various albums and the taste and knowledge of the person writing it is shaky at best. Leave the opinions for the actual fans and customers who purchase the albums. This is an amazing album. Sure the "purists" may be put off (but purists, a.k.a close-minded elitsts, deserve to be put off), but there is some great playing on this album. This is the blues being pushed forward and this album inspired many blues musicians of today.
  • Great Album...

    By JoVega
    just buy it... it is one of the many albums you have to hear for yourself to to judge. Everyone has a different opinion on this one. I love it.
  • Waters next level

    By Eman3629
    This album is mind blowing!! Waters is amazing he took it to the next level and got it just right!!! Love it and for 7.92 love it even more you couldn't put a price on this album sorry!!!
  • Muddy and a great studio crew, does it make great music?

    By Valid blues?
    I bought this after seeing the Martin Scorasse movie on Chess Records. On film they (producer and rappers ) loved it and it souded real funky, which it is. However it does lack the true blues groove Muddy is known for. I am not an over the top Muddy fan at all. I like his vocals and groove but prefer many other guitar blues greats. So I will say the music is cool and of course so are Muddy's vocals, but is it valid? I am not sure, then again I will listen if I can get pass the weak fuzz guitar playing and sound.
  • Good Sound, but not for Muddy.

    By troubador27
    If there were another artist singing these songs, it would be a great tribute to Muddy. But to have Muddy sing with a backdrop of modern fuzz-rock, it's just not right. Muddy himself called the album crap... I'll say that it sounds good, but it's almost disrespectful to Muddy. He was forced into this session, and didn't even play guitar on it. Again, if you like funky, acid-blues, then this if for you. Definitely not for purists.
  • Badass Jams to the mother Land!!!!!

    By Blood_diairies
    I couldn't believe my ears when i heard some cuts from this period. i didn't know it existed or where it came from until i researched it. it is the KING of all JAMS - funk, blues, electric fuzz and badass hypnotic low-end. thank gawd for this record. it could be made today in 2008 and still be current, slick and worthy of all Buzz. i love this record. it's a fine acheivement in his repetoire of record making. he is the KING in any format. Muddy always comes packing - don't you forget. this record is evilly good.
  • You see how it started....

    By mrhoffame
    The thing I love most about this album is that it shows clearly how the sounds of the greats like Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and others...all came from the blues! The blues with bit more overdrive and distortion on the amp! I mean we say it all the time, we know it, but it something special to hear it like this.

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