Cowboys from Hell (Deluxe Version) - Pantera

Cowboys from Hell (Deluxe Version)


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2010-09-10
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 40

  • ℗ 2010 Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.


Title Artist Time
Cowboys from Hell Pantera 4:08 USD 1.29
Primal Concrete Sledge Pantera 2:13 USD 1.29
Psycho Holiday Pantera 5:19 USD 1.29
Heresy Pantera 4:46 USD 1.29
Cemetery Gates Pantera 7:02 USD 1.29
Domination Pantera 5:03 USD 1.29
Shattered Pantera 3:24 USD 1.29
Clash With Reality Pantera 5:16 USD 1.29
Medicine Man Pantera 5:14 USD 1.29
Message In Blood Pantera 5:10 USD 1.29
The Sleep Pantera 5:45 USD 1.29
The Art of Shredding Pantera 4:19 USD 1.29
Domination (Live from Foundati Pantera 4:57 USD 1.29
Psycho Holiday (Live from Foun Pantera 5:25 USD 1.29
The Art of Shredding (Live fro Pantera 5:47 USD 1.29
Cowboys from Hell (Live from F Pantera 5:02 USD 1.29
Cemetery Gates (Live from Foun Pantera 7:01 USD 1.29
Primal Concrete Sledge (Live f Pantera 3:51 USD 1.29
Heresy (Live from Foundations Pantera 5:12 USD 1.29
Domination (Live from Monsters Pantera 7:01 USD 1.29
Primal Concrete Sledge (Live f Pantera 3:17 USD 1.29
Cowboys from Hell (Live from M Pantera 4:16 USD 1.29
Heresy (Live from Monsters In Pantera 4:59 USD 1.29
Psycho Holiday (Live from Mons Pantera 5:49 USD 1.29
The Will to Survive (Demo) Pantera 4:15 USD 1.29
Shattered (Demo) Pantera 4:47 USD 1.29
Cowboys From Hell (Demo) Pantera 4:06 USD 1.29
Heresy (Demo) Pantera 4:42 USD 1.29
Cemetery Gates (Demo) Pantera 5:19 USD 1.29
Psycho Holiday (Demo) Pantera 5:09 USD 1.29
Medicine Man (Demo) Pantera 4:52 USD 1.29
Message In Blood (Demo) Pantera 4:57 USD 1.29
Domination (Demo) Pantera 4:45 USD 1.29
The Sleep (Demo) Pantera 6:15 USD 1.29
The Art of Shredding (Demo) Pantera 4:11 USD 1.29
Cowboys from Hell Pantera 4:07 USD 1.99
Cemetery Gates Pantera 5:45 USD 1.99
Psycho Holiday Pantera 5:20 USD 1.99
The Art of Shredding (Live 199 Pantera 4:30 USD 1.99


  • Great but...

    By FarBeyondInsane
    CFH and Heresy live sound exactly the same, just the bass sounds different
  • Terrible Remaster!

    By Brpix74
    The dude that did the remaster should be fired!
  • Perhaps the Greatest Metal Album of All Time?

    By libertylaker
    Maybe- maybe not, but it's certainly one of the greatest, and one of the most influential. Back when Phil used to actually sing- and scream, it's quite an aural assault. The remastered version adds some bass from the sort of thin original. The performances are simply amazing- every musician displays their virtuoso musical ability, amidst metal masterpieces, most of which actually have some pop sensibility to them- verses, choruses, etc. Except for "Primal Concrete Sledge" - there has never been anything written like that before- totally unique and original, and exquisitely PANTERA!!!!
  • Never Before and Never Again

    By ramrod228
    Just as they were on their classic albums they were equally intense and great live. I will forever listen to and forever miss this band. Hands down one of the greatest metal bands ever!
  • my childhood

    By ConcreteSledge
    I was only 7 when this was first released. My dad seen it right for me to grow-up on them. So my kids will grow-up on them as well. To bad they will never get to see them live. R.I.P Dime
  • The remaster has some issues, but the bonus content is great!

    By Nick MIchalak
    I just bought this 3-CD set, and it's a tough call to give an overall rating. First off, the bad. The actual remastered original album is not up to standards. I bought the physical CD set, and so, this is as pure of a source as you can get. So, there are no mp3 conversion issues to factor in. On multiple tracks, the mix peaks out and distorts in different ways. From simple things like Vinnie tapping the cymbal to cue into "Domination" to some of Rex's bass work on "Cemetery Gates" to various other things. It is not consistent on what distorts from track-to-track, but the compression or peaked out levels rear their ugliness on probably all tracks (didn't listen to them all after I heard enough of this flawed technical quality). Compared to other digital remasters, such as the Judas Priest ones from a decade ago, this doesn't offer anything distinctly different, in a positive way, to my ears. There might be added clarity, but nothing in terms of richness, separation of tracks, or depth of sound. Other remasters I know of, such as the Megadeth catalog or the Pearl Jam "Ten" release, were also remixed. So, it's unfair to compare this to that since this Pantera remaster was from the original mixes, but regardless, it falls short of standards and expectations. Now, the flat out awesome. Personally, I LOVE the demos! There's nothing particularly different, in most part, from Vinnie, Darrell, or Rex, aside from a few arrangement changes, but Phil Anselmo's vocals sound very different. This was definitely in a transition from the glam-metal phase to the groove metal sound that CFH became. Phil's vocals here are more melodic with a wider dynamic. It has a quality similar to that of Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate, but with some added aggression. Maybe that works for you, maybe it doesn't. I love the sound of it, but don't get me wrong, I wouldn't exchange what Pantera became for anything. At times, you may not be able to recognize Phil's voice, but the classic CFH voice is developing here. I did like "The Will To Survive." Clear evidence of that transitional sound, and apparently, some of the song later became "This Love." Most of the demo tracks aren't as aggressive, vocally, as their final album versions, but a few have a more raw edge by the mere fact that they are demos. To me, this is the treasure of this release, and I will likely listen to some of these demos as much as the album versions. They offer something different without being too far off from the final release versions. The live tracks don't offer much variety, but it does feature Anselmo before his voice got too blown out by the time of "Vulgar Display of Power." So, you get more pure, high notes than he could muster on "Official Live: 101 Proof." Sadly, no attempt is even made on the "Cemetery Gates" live track to hit those climactic super high notes. Regardless, the tracks are good, clear quality. Plus, I can never have enough live Pantera in my collection. I only got to see the band live once, at OzzFest 2000, and I barely knew two songs. So, getting a few more live performance tracks to cherish is golden for me. "Cowboys From Hell" was an absolute game changing album for metal. It kicked off the 90s with a breath of fresh air with an energy and shredding sound that was desperately needed at the time. It immediately put Pantera on the map, and was their first step to becoming the Kings of Metal. It was only about a single decade of dominance, but one that should forever be remembered. It's good that a decision was made to give this classic album a deluxe edition release, but whoever handled the remastering did not do a good job. The original release still sounds solid today. So, do not throw it out in favor of this one, but keep it as a companion. The price tag is worthwhile for the other two discs of material with the live tracks and the demos. Maybe the demos won't be to your liking, but definitely preview them here before committing to a purchase, as I did. For any serious Pantera fan, this should be part of your collection. We will never have new Pantera music to anticipate, and so, only the past can offer us new treasures. This is one of them.

    I love pantera. Probably one of the best rock/metal bands of all time!!! Glad to c it back :).
  • Great

    By justin gilliam
    Awesome album and great bonus content. You can't find them demos anywhere else.
  • Amazing

    By IronMaiden19
    I may always prefer vulgar, but cowboys started it all. Without a doubt the greatest band of the 90s!!!!!! Notuch else to say!!!
  • Amazing!

    By MusicHoarder
    Great album!

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