Sudden Death - Single - Megadeth

Sudden Death - Single


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2010-09-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2010 The Echo Label Limited, a BMG Company trading as ECHO


Title Artist Time
Sudden Death Megadeth 5:08 USD 1.29


  • guitar hero Megadeth style

    By Capt. Ron 17
    This is what kicks it up a notch, having some awesome sizzeling influrence in our future of music. Kids that play today maybe the rock stars of tomorrow.
  • Awesome

    By pakkdkkk
    Metal wasn't broke, never should have been fixed. It's good to hear metal played the way it's supposed to be.
  • Metal mastery

    By Trivium420
    Awesome!!! I've been a Megadeth fan for as long as I can remember. This one I have to say is the best they've sounded in many years. Can't wait for the next album!
  • Total Metal.

    By DTPVH
    This song is one of the most epic songs ever. If the rest of the songs sound like this and Public Enemy No. 1 (As I'm writing this that song has just been streamed on Megadeth's website), then this really will be Megadeth's best album since Countdown to Extinction.
  • Dave does it again!

    By girlsluvmetal
    I love Megadeth. Even all their crappy albums...This single rocks. It's further proof that real metal is not dead. And futher proof that Dave Mustaine just effing rules.
  • Meg-A-Deth

    By Strange Shane
    This is a killer song! If you love speed/thrash, or familiar with any of megadeth's prior works, get it! I love how they've really returned to form, keep it coming!
  • Probably one of Megadeths best songs ever!

    By Priestfan421
    An excellent song, and a pleasure to listen to. The band brings back some of the old style, while blending it almost perfectly with the new style of megadeth. Daves lyrics are great. The only problem I truly have with the song is the fact that I still feel like Im listening to the new stuff, one of the reasons for this is actually the intro solo. However, to me, its like the intro track on Screaming For Vengeance (The Hellion) is to Electric Eye; it needs to be there for the song to be complete. There is no real problem with the intro though. In my opinion, this song is the Holy Wars of the new generation. It has a wild intro, the lyrics are excellent, and make you wonder what exactly he is singing about, as it could have more than one meaning, and best of all; THE BAND SOUNDS BETTER THAN THEY DID THROUGH THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE ENDGAME ALBUM!!! The song brings me back to when I first heard the Rust In Peace album - I was blown away. I really didnt have any hope that this would be better than anything on Endgame, but boy I was wrong. Now, you may wonder why I dont like Endgame that much, and to be honest, I dont really know for sure myself. There is just something about the album that turned me off to it. Anyways, if you like ANY Megadeth, you should enjoy this song. Immensly. Here's hoping that ALL of the songs on the upcoming Megs album are as good as, or even better than Sudden Death!
  • Incredible!

    By Kinichee
    Mustaine and Co. are at their best here. Megadeth is a metal band that has been around for a long time and with Endgame and this track, they have proved that they make music that is just as stellar as anything off of Peace Sells or Rust in Peace. Mustaine and Co., I salute you for keeping metal real.
  • Amazing!!!

    By MEB73
    ...and the hits just keep on coming!!!
  • Best Known

    By DSKI17
    I don't know if it gets better than this. If it does, then PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!