Interstellar Space (Expanded Edition) - John Coltrane

Interstellar Space (Expanded Edition)

John Coltrane

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 2000-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2000 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Mars John Coltrane 10:43 USD Album Only
Venus John Coltrane 8:36 USD Album Only
Jupiter John Coltrane 5:25 USD 1.29
Saturn John Coltrane 11:43 USD Album Only
Leo John Coltrane 10:56 USD Album Only
Jupiter Variation John Coltrane 6:43 USD 0.99


  • Interstellar

    By shon3
    Weirdly, disturbing, frightening, tortured.. Like another review said, there is something about it that is sad, like it is an expression of suffering on some level. What is also interesting is that there are no reviews describing what is actually being expressed. I can tell you now. It depicts his perception of reality. Most important is the randomness, the nonchalant, cavalier quality of the playing leads me to its truth, that it is a criticism of a society that takes little time to contemplate its own actions. It is simply blithering along in whatever way was most convenient or easy to the point where the song becomes nothingness. The song is society, it is broken down, it has no rhythm, no quality, no meaning, it is just there like a fish flapping all around on the ground, dying, out of breath, out of time, about to meet its end. Good or bad, not sure, I lean towards good, it's good for society to die now, it needs to die, it is in its death throes.
  • Coltrane's final days

    By sashthesaxogram
    This is the craziest, if not the oddest, jazz album I've listened to. You can hear how Coltrane's techniques and ideas built up over the years has come to this extremely informal jazz album. While it is unique, it is, at the same time, sad because of Coltrane's health problems having a noticeable effect on his playing; in other words, he sounds like he is suffering. In a way, this album shows the pain he went through and what it felt like, physically and psychologically. The only regret I have with this album is that it makes me feel sad that Coltrane is no longer around to further evolve his interpretation of jazz. Rest in peace, John.
  • Destination::OUT

    By CoolFreeHardBop3
    Trane and Ali cook it up here and it's intense stuff. By 1967 Coltrane was about 100 light years ahead of anyone else, but his health was failing and sometimes you can hear that in the music. I've often wondered if Trane heard Jimi Hendrix...THAT would have been an incredible pair of musicians. Get this if you like adventure in your muse-ick...
  • Warning: Not relaxation music

    By Fast Eddy321
    Despite what you might assume from the cover art, this is not ambient new age music, it's some of the craziest, intense, free-form jazz you will ever hear. Not for the faint of heart, and not to listen to fall asleep to, but awesome if you can withstand it.
  • Underappreciated

    By Gorgonzolacheese
    This is one of my favorite albums. Only an empty shell is unmoved by this suite.
  • hot

    By ankh maat
    The techniques that are used on this album are enough to keep the listener glued to the headphoenes or whatever. when he starts playing sheets of sound most noted on mars it almost sounds like a lazer gun due to the shear speed and ability to play with unrelenting expression and power.
  • Must Have!!

    By BillieBrown
    This CD is Crazy!!!! In a good way. Its on my top 10 list of Cd's. Take a listen and you will see why.
  • A must have in the archives of john coltrane

    By djliquid69
    Mr. coltrane and rashied ali tear it up on this avant guard recording-very trippy and melodic. that all you need from space and stars
  • 2 instrument masterpiece

    By danmilk
    Drums and sax is more than enough when the instrument is the space between and consuming us all.

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