Help! - The Beatles


The Beatles

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1965-08-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2009 The copyright in this audio & audiovisual compilation is owned by EMI Records Ltd


Title Artist Time
Help! The Beatles 2:18 USD 1.29
The Night Before The Beatles 2:34 USD 1.29
You've Got to Hide Your Love A The Beatles 2:09 USD 1.29
I Need You The Beatles 2:28 USD 1.29
Another Girl The Beatles 2:05 USD 1.29
You're Going to Lose That Girl The Beatles 2:18 USD 1.29
Ticket to Ride The Beatles 3:09 USD 1.29
Act Naturally The Beatles 2:30 USD 1.29
It's Only Love The Beatles 1:56 USD 1.29
You Like Me Too Much The Beatles 2:36 USD 1.29
Tell Me What You See The Beatles 2:37 USD 1.29
I've Just Seen a Face The Beatles 2:05 USD 1.29
Yesterday The Beatles 2:05 USD 1.29
Dizzy Miss Lizzy The Beatles 2:54 USD 1.29
Help! (Documentary) The Beatles 3:21 USD Album Only


  • I'm 13 years old and even I like this!!!

    By I❤️BookOfLife
    If any "youngster" like mean can even enjoy the Beatles, I'd say pretty much everyone should be able to find even just a small appreciation for them. Broaden ur horizon and get this!!! Don't waste ur money on rap or as I call it cRAP!!!
  • Beautiful Beautiful Music

    By ichdithe
    A masterpiece!
  • Memories

    By mcrmy322
    I've Just Seen A Face is the song my boyfriend played for me a lot when we first started dating. To this day it's one of my favorite Beatles songs because it reminds me of him.
  • Au secours!

    By barnettart
    J'avais quinze ans quand HELP a volé à terre au Texas, et parties inconnues, et 5️⃣1️⃣ ans plus tard, j'ai réalisé que l'album est encore plein de chansons de grand succès, en dépit de Chrono-proximité d'autres albums même incroyable et - je crois - grand Célibataires, selon l'endroit où vous avez vécu alors ... et même maintenant! Je ferais mieux d'arrêter d'écrire maintenant ou «Je vais perdre cette fille!😭» (Repetez...) Alors, achetez-le maintenant!
  • This is awesome.

    By 956565
    After their slump on Beatles for Sale, they recorded an amazing album. The opener is just so catchy and unforgettable. The night before is another great riff while you've got to hide your love away remains a classic. It'a only love is another favorite and ticket to ride is a downright classic. Do I have to mention yesterday? This is one of their best!
  • they are so great

    By 812 vbdehffvghjky
    help rocks
  • ❤️

    By Aknsndbsnensbsb
    I love this album so much, the beetles were a great band

    By Xagsvdbfqngqgqmngqnffq
    The Beatles are the best Band in the whole world you must buy all of there albums!!!!!!! Great songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give all of there albums infinity stars!
  • All Right-Help!

    By JK the man
    This is Help, the soundtrack to the Beatles' second movie. Already it's 50 years old. Can you believe that? What we have is the original British version of the album with all 14 songs, 7 from the movie. You can get the American version of Help! from either the Capitol Albums Vol. 2 (2006) or the US Albums Box Set, which came out last year. About the music, there are some good songs here. Obviously the title song and "Ticket to Ride" were the big hits released as singles from it in 1965, but a few others are also pretty popular. "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" is where John Lennon showcases a folk-rock tune in the style of Bob Dylan and a session musician plays a couple flutes at the end; it's a good song if you hear it. George Harrison delivers his first composition in 2 years with "I Need You", a song that's nice for breaking up, which is from the movie. Paul McCartney plays lead guitar on "Ticket to Ride" and "Another Girl", which shows his ability to dabble in multiple instruments. I like the sound of "You're Gonna Lose That Girl." It has a percussive feel. The songs not from the movie are "It's Only Love", "You Like Me Too Much", "Tell Me What You See", "I've Just Seen A Face" (good song to jam to), and "Yesterday" (the biggest and most well known Beatles song of all time, although it was only an American single). There are also the covers of Buck Owens's "Act Naturally" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" by Larry Williams. It was around this time in 1965 that the Beatles started changing as a band and as people since they started smoking pot while filming Help! and became the band that we know of today. This was the last time that any type of love song appeared on a Beatles album as their music would change even more with Rubber Soul. Help would be a transition album for the Beatles as they were entering their middle period of music that year. The music is great just like anything else the Fab Four does so I say get the album and the movie now.

    By Lauren💜💜
    I lOVE all the Beatles compositions, from their first album to let it be. But I have to say HELP IS MY FAVORITE. I just love ALL the songs, they're so catchy and it's fun to keep to the beat. ANYWAYS THE BEATLES ARE LIFE💗💗!

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