AVTechNO - AVTechNO!



  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2011-01-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2011 AVTechNO! / CFM inc.


Title Artist Time
Darkness 6 (feat. Kagamine Len AVTechNO! 5:21 USD 0.99
9 (feat. Megurine Luka) AVTechNO! 3:53 USD 0.99
Plus (feat. Hatsune Miku) AVTechNO! 3:07 USD 0.99
Minus (feat. Hatsune Miku) AVTechNO! 3:38 USD 0.99
Free (feat. Megurine Luka&Hats AVTechNO! 4:29 USD 0.99
Kimi No / Sakura (feat. Hatsun AVTechNO! 3:59 USD 0.99
/ Soba Ni (feat. Hatsune Miku) AVTechNO! 5:10 USD 0.99
Zou+ Millstones Remix (feat. H AVTechNO! 5:53 USD 0.99
Desire 8# Prince Remix (feat. AVTechNO! 5:36 USD 0.99
Boku-Boku SuketchP Remix (feat AVTechNO! 4:22 USD 0.99
NEL Dog Tails Remix (feat. Hat AVTechNO! 7:04 USD 0.99
Believe (feat. Megurine Luka) AVTechNO! 4:24 USD 0.99


  • BOOM

    By Anni-senpai
    Love all these songs! I would definitely recommend Minus (and Plus, just because they're paired). 9 is off the Sixnine album that has Six feat. Miku and Nine feat. Luka. Darkness 6 (Len) is definitely my favorite on this album. It sounded so much like another vocaloid song I heard, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out which one.... I spent 15 minutes going through every vocaloid song I thought it might be, and I finally figured out that it's a remix of Six feat. Miku!!!! So happy with this album, absolutely love AVTechNO! !!!!!
  • Great Buy For Techno & Vocaloid Lovers!

    By DarkAngel956
    For me personally, my not as favorite vocaloid artists sound so much better when they're unique voices are singing more into a techno/dance tune. My favorites are Darkness 6 and Free! ^_^ Long live vocaloid and anime!!
  • I love you!! ❤

    By amh227
    This is one of the best vocaloid groups ever!!!! Please keep making more!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it~

    By Kawaii MikuMiku
    The person who created AVTechNO is a complete genius, my fave song from this so far is Free ft. megurine luka and miku hatsune~ incredible
  • WOW. (O__O) *stunned from awesomeness*

    By Maya H.
    I know there are a couple remixes iin this album, like Darkness 6 and Free, but I personally think the new remixes of the songs are better than the originals. These new versions of the songs are amped up and refreshed. In the new version of Free, avtechno! added Hatsune and gave the song a new variety of sound. Awesome job, avtechno!! XD XD
  • Stunning as always!

    By nanamili
    Another brilliant album from avtechno! I personally think that the preveiws don't show much, I listened to this before I went to bed, and I was blown away! During "Kimi No," I couldn't stop smiling! The whole album is just great, even though a few are remixs, avtechno kept it interesting. I'm not too much of a Luka listener, but she really impressed me in "Believe." If you love avtechno, get the whole album!
  • Amazing

    By RyaNatsume
    I completely agree with Dale Housley, this album as-well as all of the other works by AVTechNO! are pure genius. If you enjoy Vocaloid music this is one album that you should not miss.
  • AVTechNO! does it again

    By Mith242
    Basically this album is made up of remixes of some of his previous work. Some more recent while some go back to some of his earlier work. If you're a fan you can listen to new aspects to songs you already like. Or if you're new to AVTechNO! you can get some ideas of his overall work. I think AVTechNO! is the top vocaloid musician/composer out there. For that matter he's also a good introduction to vocaloid genre of music for those of you new to it.
  • AVTechNO! = Invention/Genius/Music

    By Smokemoon
    I knew this was in the works, but it surprised me to stumble on it in iTunes US so soon after release. (Thanks iTunes!) This is another excellent work in the AVTechNO! pantheon. These are versions, and there are MANY versions, of AVTechNO! songs from the last couple of years. Overall the album seems to me to be a little soft-edged compared to what AVTechNO! is writing right now, but these are all still magnificent pieces. Darkness 6 and the 9 in this album are close to what he has been writing recently. The kimi no / Sakura and / soba ni are more in what I think of as his original style. There is an excellent remix of 8#Princes's Desire here too. If you are not familiar with AVTechNO!, I highly recommend that you listen to his Core, SouZou, NelNelNel, Sixnine, and Six under UG works. This is magnificent; some of those are Incredible pieces of music/electronica/Vocaloid.