Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery - Belleruth Naparstek

Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery

Belleruth Naparstek

  • Genre: Meditation
  • Release Date: 1992-02-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4


Title Artist Time
Introduction to Successful Sur Belleruth Naparstek 6:19 USD 1.29
Guided Imagery To Promote Succ Belleruth Naparstek 14:17 USD Album Only
Affirmations For After Surgery Belleruth Naparstek 19:58 USD Album Only
Health Journeys Music for Duri Steven Mark Kohn 51:58 USD Album Only


  • Meditation for Successful Surgery

    By Brooklyn Girl 30
    Unlike the iTunes sample, the full length Intro contains no content. It's just an intro to rest of the set.
  • Fear not!

    By innisfreekh
    I was so afraid when I learned I had to get surgery, but these affirmations and meditations helped quell my fears and made me able to face what I needed to do. Also it was such a wonderful relief to be able to listen when I was wheeled in and to fall asleep to her soothing voice during the actual surgery. Worth every penny! Also, it helps even if you don't have much time- I only had it 2 days before surgery and listened 4 times and it still greatly helped.
  • I used this so much more than I ever imagined I would

    By Nyccheeto
    In preparation for an L5/S1 anterior/posterior fusion surgery I found myself searching for different ways to alleviate my anxieties. I began to listen to the first two tracks each night while lying in bed for the 4 days prior to surgery. I found great comfort in the soft voice of Ms. Naparstek. On the day of my surgery I awoke in agonizing pain and immediately requested someone bring my iPhone and head buds to listen to the soothing sounds and affirmations. Don't get me wrong, I needed heavy painkillers but the addition of listening to these tracks brought a comfort to me that I would have never guesstimated was possible. The next 5 days/nights in the hospital I listened to the 3rd & 4th post-op tracks and they too were invaluable. Call it what you want but I can attest that the investment of this purchase has been worth just as much if not more than conventional pain medicine. I will continue to use this throughout my recovery and I will always remember this tool as being an integral part of my overall surgical experience. Thank you Ms. Naparstek for giving this gift and best of luck to those who are fortunate to find and use this in what is likely an unfortunate health situation that you may be facing.
  • Guided imagery

    By Mudsis
    This was originally sent to me by Blue Shield in preparation for my surgery. I liked it so much I ordered it from ITunes so I could listen during surgery with earbuds. I figured if the insurance company would pay for me to have this there must be something to it! Surgery is next week and I feel fully prepared and relaxed about it due to the guided imagery. With every penny!
  • Successful Surgery

    By JBTeachr
    Used this in 2004 for gastric bypass. I am still convinced my recovery speed was exponentiated by faithful listening.
  • Don't buy it.

    By visa70
    I wish I could get my money back. Not helpful at all.
  • good complementary care

    By Tara S
    I used this guided visualization program before my surgery and am still using the affirmations part 2 months after because I find them very comforting. This has contributed to making my surgery a positive experience. Since I work in alternative medicine field it was a good way to bridge these paradigms and give me something to do to be a part of my own healing process. I recommend it highly.
  • Successfull surgery

    By jikke13
    I used this guided imagery during surgery in 2004 and the hospital staff was amazed at how little morphine I used for pain control.