A Guided Meditation for Healthful Sleep - Belleruth Naparstek

A Guided Meditation for Healthful Sleep

Belleruth Naparstek

  • Genre: Meditation
  • Release Date: 2000-02-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2000


Title Artist Time
Introduction to A Meditation t Belleruth Naparstek 3:17 USD 1.29
Guided Imagery for Healthful S Belleruth Naparstek 26:57 USD Album Only
Music for Healthful Sleep Steven Mark Kohn 29:59 USD Album Only


  • Imagine Being Surrounded By "Loving GuardianS" While You Sleep

    By MJDmel
    I have several of these self hypnosis apps and use them daily. This particular self hypnosis/guided meditation track/app is one of the almost 20 I have that I simply cannot do. I listened through the first 11 minutes and it was standard until she began the guided imagery. At that point, she suggested imagining "loving guardians treading on soft feet" closing curtains, smiling at you with caring eyes, touching your brow with their hand, arranging the covers just so, an animal near your hand, and the like. She continued with the idea of being surrounded by loving guardianS. That's when it was too much for me. For some, it might be comforting to imagine being surrounded by, say, angels and maybe imagining a pet you lost being there with you. I tried that myself and think I could have imagined a guardian angel, but she kept referring to "they" and "them", which ultimately countered any beneficial effect; as to the animal, the only way I could imagine an animal was to think of my dog who passed and that was also "counter productive" insofar as meditation is concerned. That particular guided imagery was unusual to me because it involved imagining other beings around me rather than taking me deeper within myself. I don't understand why she suggests imagining "loving guardianS" who are closing curtains, extinguishing light and noise, creating a safe space, and arranging covers "just so" *after* going through the initial relaxation of all the muscles . . . it seems backwards. If that were in the beginning when she talks about laying down and finding a comfortable position it would not have been an issue for me despite that imagery not quite "working" for me. The guided imagery in this one seemed unusual. Since this isn't a $3 app or $0.99 track, I know it would have been helpful to me if I'd known a little about the content of the guided imagery track (that basically costs $12.99). I underscore, however, that I have Belleruth's other $12.99 tracks and they are heaven sent. This was a dud for me, but I will continue buying her tracks because, quite simply, they make my life better.
  • Makes A Real Difference

    By mye1212
    I don't have trouble falling asleep, it's waking up...I am so groggy in the morning. I listened to this cd and my quality of sleep improved tremendously and I'm nt groggy in the morning. Definately a good buy.
  • Very Effective

    By NephDoc
    Successful for me!! After several night-time encounters with this program, I've repeated fallen asleep within the first 10 minutes. Still have no idea what is on the rest of it. A mystery to savor in the future should sleep become more challenging again! Delightful voice, soothing music, and content interesting enough to keep my attention ... until I am transported into sleep.
  • Healthful Sleep

    By brooke4449
    Belleruth has a wonderful voice, and her imagery is entirely supportive. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to be soothed into a great nights sleep.