The King of Limbs - Live from the Basement - Radiohead

The King of Limbs - Live from the Basement


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2011-12-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2011 Ticker Tape Ltd.


Title Artist Time
Bloom Radiohead 6:13 USD 1.49
The Daily Mail Radiohead 4:10 USD 1.49
Feral Radiohead 3:35 USD 1.49
Little By Little Radiohead 4:47 USD 1.49
Codex Radiohead 5:09 USD 1.49
Separator Radiohead 6:36 USD 1.49
Lotus Flower Radiohead 5:43 USD 1.49
Staircase Radiohead 5:06 USD 1.49
Morning Mr. Magpie Radiohead 5:46 USD 1.49
Give Up the Ghost Radiohead 5:53 USD 1.49
Supercollider Radiohead 5:41 USD Album Only


  • From the Basement is WAY better than the studio recording.

    By IngolmoFeanaro
    Radiohead should've released this performance of TKOL material instead of the TKOL we got. First, the "From the Basement" version features more guitars and less indistinguishable electrocrap. (FYI I have nothing against electronica, but this record sounds much better with guitars.) When I first listened to the album version of "Bloom", I was disappointed when the repeating piano riff at the beginning ended. But "TKOL From the Basement"'s rendition of "Bloom" is wondrously hypnotic. The worst thing about it are Yorke's vocals (Personal preference, I just don't like his singing in that song). Additionally, "TKOL From the Basement" features three solid bonus tracks, bringing the album up to 11 tracks. (Eight songs felt very short, despite the wearisome sonics of the standard edition of TKOL)

    By Ghostman512
    This is a great album no doubt, but the In Rainbows performance in the basement was amazing. Release that one on iTunes.
  • The King of Limbs

    By Rozália
    Pure genius! Brilliant!
  • Perfect

    By Crafter Lover 1
    I completely love this. Greatest band and album ever, and the performance and cinematography is amazing. I hope they do it again for their new album!
  • Just wow...

    By Zekester34
    Having seen this by accident on television, I glady would've paid pretty much whatever price they asked for it. Its that good... If you are a RH fan, stop reading reviews and buy this album and clear your calendar for the next few hours. Its gonna eat you alive.
  • Amazing.

    By Orangeman29
    I wasn't initially as big a fan of TKOL as I was of their previous albums, but after seeing this performance on video I went back and listened to the studio version again and both are great. I wish they'd done these basement recordings for all their albums.
  • Better than the studio version

    By HiMom!!
    This is the only live album i have ever heard that is better to listen to than the studio. Magpie's guitars are just so unleashed here, and feral is even more energetic. A must buy.
  • The King Of Limbs

    By 6stringjack
    As someone recently so correctly pointed out, the Beethoven(s) of our time. I've been a Radiohead fan for a long time, and they never cease to impress me. Pure. Musical. Brilliance. Get it, you need this album.
  • Incredible

    By cdisla
    This is why I love this band. It gets better and better. From a musician point of view i can say that this is another level of harmony that will transport you into a different dimension. I have always been a fan of this guys because their music is so unique and so original that makes them the new Beethoven of our millennium.
  • Ridiculously better...

    By themoth
    Than the original TKOL. This album injects passion and depth into what was an awful garage-bandesque mess of a record. If you totally disliked TKOL, you'll really enjoy this. It's a completely different album due to the use of live instruments. It's also a pleasure to watch these musicians work together to put layer upon layer of awesome music together. Why they didn't just record this way in the first place is anyone's guess. Either way, this album is phenomenal, especially with Staircase and Daily Mail included. Both songs round out the album for a more complete feel. Great record.

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