Nevermind - Nirvana



  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2011-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2011 Geffen Records


Title Artist Time
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 5:01 USD 1.29
In Bloom Nirvana 4:15 USD 1.29
Come As You Are Nirvana 3:38 USD 1.29
Breed Nirvana 3:04 USD 1.29
Lithium Nirvana 4:17 USD 1.29
Polly Nirvana 2:57 USD 1.29
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 2:22 USD 1.29
Drain You Nirvana 3:43 USD 1.29
Lounge Act Nirvana 2:36 USD 1.29
Stay Away Nirvana 3:32 USD 1.29
On a Plain Nirvana 3:16 USD 1.29
Something In the Way Nirvana 3:52 USD 1.29
Endless, Nameless Nirvana 6:42 USD 1.29


  • Nirvana Nevermind

    By the devils paintbrush
    The most significant album since The Beatles “White” album
  • Awesome 👍👍👍😉😉

    By kehqs
    Smells like teen spirit is my favorite I’m really sad 😢 they died because they are awesome
  • Didn’t buy it but...

    By christan music mom
    Dat baby is NAKED😂
  • Classic!

    By ThePumpkinsBeatle
    Let’s get the show on the road! Smells Like Tee Spirit: 8/10 Admittedly overplayed, but still a great song. In Bloom: 10/10 Catchy and awesome. Come As You Are: 8/10 Great song. Very murky and powerful. Breed: 7/10 Pretty good, although not my favorite. Lithium: 7.5/10 Another pretty good song. I enjoy the verses the best. Polly: 8/10 Nice acoustic song. Territorial Pissings: 15/10 My favorite Nirvana song ever. It’s heavier than my college tuition. Drain You: 8/10 A pretty enjoyable song. The middle is pretty weird though. Lounge Act: 8.5/10 An underrated gem. Stay Away: 6/10 Ehh, I’m not crazy about this one. It’s decent. On A Plain: 7.5/10 A pretty catchy song that’s also hard rocking. Something In The Way: 12/10 Masterpiece of a song. Just listen for yourself. Endless, Nameless: 6/10 Pretty weird, but at the very least it’s very heavy. This album has a lot of good songs and I agree that it is a classic. However, I think it’s a little over polished, and compared to the noisier, more aggressive albums such as Bleach, Incesticide, and In Utero, I think those albums were just a little better. I don’t want to say that this album is overrated, but I don’t think it’s the best album of the 90s, nor do I think it’s the best album of 1991. I thought “Gish” “Ten” and “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” were better than this album. I know it sounds like I’m hating on the album, but I’m really not. This is a great album and it’s still a big part of my collection. It may be overhyped, but there’s a reason why so many people adore this album.
  • I’m a number one nirvana fan and I love the songs rape me lithium and smells like teen spirit

    By jokingjaybomb
    Joshua Barnes
  • Loved the entire album

    By fallacydany
    And every song
  • The best album of my life

    By L0rdhelmut
    It’s no exaggeration to say this is best album I’ll ever enjoy.
  • Great awesome

    By diamondbrine1022
    Smells like teen spirt. Great In bloom. Fricking amazing Come as you are. Great Breed. Good Lithium. Amazing Polly. Amazing Territorial pissings. Great Drain you. Decent Lounge act. Decent Stay away. Good On a plain. Amazing Something in the way. Amazing Endless namelessly. Never heard
  • Alltimer

    By dxdaustin
    The deficit of grunge, and one of the best artistic albums of all time.
  • Great

    By ryanmetallica
    Everything that could go great for an album worked in this one, no wonder it’s always on most top ten best albums lists.

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