Nevermind - Nirvana



  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2011-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2011 Geffen Records


Title Artist Time
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 5:01 USD 1.29
In Bloom Nirvana 4:15 USD 1.29
Come As You Are Nirvana 3:38 USD 1.29
Breed Nirvana 3:04 USD 1.29
Lithium Nirvana 4:17 USD 1.29
Polly Nirvana 2:57 USD 1.29
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 2:22 USD 1.29
Drain You Nirvana 3:43 USD 1.29
Lounge Act Nirvana 2:36 USD 1.29
Stay Away Nirvana 3:32 USD 1.29
On a Plain Nirvana 3:16 USD 1.29
Something In the Way Nirvana 3:52 USD 1.29
Endless, Nameless Nirvana 6:42 USD 1.29


  • Great

    By ryanmetallica
    Everything that could go great for an album worked in this one, no wonder it’s always on most top ten best albums lists.
  • The album that changed the world forever. Seriously.

    By laki7
    To say that this album is 'essential' really doesn't rate high enough. If you like music this album is cool. If rock and roll lifts your spirits, this album is a jet with unlimited fuel. And if you're curious about grunge rock, -it's power , origins, effects, etc - then guess what, both Rolling Stone Magazine (THE authority beyond googles calculated data) and I have stated the fact this is album - the one that started it all. Yes , there may be some killer collections of musical art that were made by a great band (whose original members just recorded their 400th legendary live performance) before Sep 1991. And/Or there may be a rough recording of single mindblowing song played by a couple of dudes at a party in 1985 that is now found in the 'Grunge' category. But 'Nevermind' was the rocket that went to space. A band usually has one special song that's sharp enough to the cut open their package of artwork. For Nirvana, it was "Smells Like Teen Spirit". When you hear you'll recognize it's instant, undeniable, mass market appeal. It was "the song that started a revolution" according to Rolling Stone magazine. It was one of those rare songs that I didn't just like, it made me want more. And that's how it all started. That's when we first saw Kurt Cobain and groups of youngsters with long hair, scruffy beards wearing flannel shirts and discount sweaters. It was new, it looked cool and it sounded awesome. Thus, the heavy, stubborn doors that allow access to the National, and ultimately, the Worldwide stage were blown open by the powers of the mass market acceptance. Basically, it put the word grunge in the dictionary. So even of you don't like the music have some appreciation in knowing that you have solid chunk of culture and history in your library. PS These are some of the worthy bands that followed: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Silverchair, Green Day etc. I'm certainly forgetting more than one band but I know that these bands are worthy of full album purchases. Keep in mind that iTunes popularity does not accurately indicate a songs ability to really empower and 'move' you when the situation is intimate and you're in dire need. There are songs by these bands that have given me answers when I couldn't even form the question. Stop and Listen and Share
  • Greatest Album Ever Recorded

    By Tec53
    This is the single greatest album ever recorded. Kurt is a Rock God Legend. This album saved Rock’n’Roll, and made music real again. All hail the Band that saved us all!
  • Love it so cool awesome

    By make a really good update
    I love it keep up the good work
  • The best period

    By jpizze
    I saw someone write a comparison to this and pearl jam. Kurt was not the best guitarist and it didnt matter he wrote simple stuff that stuck in your head. The bands stage presence was amazing and he did a lot of creative things on guitar . This album changed music forever . Pick up all their albums. This album has and will last the test of time. Pass this on to the young generation so they can see real music . Still better then half the nonsense that comes out today .
  • Nevermind

    By Jordan Resnick
    Best album ever made, period.
  • Best album ever!

    By negativecreep96
    This is my favorite album ever! It’s such a masterpiece and should be listened to anyone who likes music.
  • Top 20 albums of all time

    By bryknowswhy
    One of the most influential albums/artist of all time. Think I’m wrong ? How many times is Kurt mentioned in new songs these days ? One of the best albums of all time period.
  • Teen Spirit is too polished as whole.

    By Don Get Triggered
    Kurt hated it lol.
  • One of the all time greats

    By Rec+v3ry
    U cant say much about it the album talks for itself

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