Greatest Hits 1970-2002 - Elton John

Greatest Hits 1970-2002

Elton John

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2002-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 34

  • ℗ 2002 Mercury Records Limited


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  • Has most of his essential tracks, but severely bloated

    By BrianSwaldi
    Not surprisingly, this album suffers from what most "hits" albums suffer from - it's bloated. This one is more bloated than most in fact. True, it does contain nearly all of the undeniably classic and/or essential Elton John tracks (minus I Want Love) that would appeal to the casual fan, but it also contains far too many throwaways that would only appeal to the hard core EJ fans looking for the deeper cuts. Unlike the album review at the top of this page and the Itunes review would have you believe, this album is not just "thorough" and definitely not "flawless." This album could have/should have been about 12 songs long if it were to be a true "hits" album for casual fans. I, for one, am certainly not a big enough fan to keep all of these 34 tracks on my Ipod. There's far more throwaways than, say Billy Joel's hits collection which is one of the strongest long playing collection of hits of all time. This album did teach me many things about Elton John's place in music history. For one, when Elton is on top of his game, he's great. But it's also true that some of what he's famous for is basically junk. There's a wide range of music on this hits album. All the way from 5 star timeless tunes to total garbage throwaways, yet they're all considered "hits." Another thing I learned is that, just because I am familiar with a song of his, that doesn't make it good enough to keep. Candle in the Wind is a perfect case in point of a dramatically overrated song of his. It's far too personal. It's basically about him being a sympathetic fanboy and it's just impossible to relate to. And just because i'd heard it so much for the Princess Diana redo, that doesn't mean it's a good song. Also, for the most part, the cover songs don't work very well at all. Elton isn't doing the original justice and the song itself isn't doing Elton justice. His particular singing style apparently doesn't work well with songs made famous by other artists. This album has two 5 star songs in Your Song and Tiny Dancer, four 4 star songs in Don't Go Breaking, Saturday Night, Sad Songs and Rocket Man, Eight 3 star songs, six 2 star songs and a whopping 14 throwaways. There's just far too many throwaways to warrant giving this album a 5 star rate. The second disc, overall, is by far the weaker of the two.
  • Great!!

    By M. Dorji
    This is completely Amazing!!!
  • Song Separation

    By Megachuggayoshi
    For whatever reason it seperates bernie and the jets into it own album and only bernie and the jets
  • Great collection

    By dpr365
    I have the actual cd of this collection of his work. It would be nice if Apple would include the last five tracks to make it a complete album. Let the buyer decide if he wants to buy the full length album. Not I-tunes ! I have also seen him perform live at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh ! dpr365 What Happened Apple used to have the Complete Album, Now its Partial again. Make up you Mind Apple & iTunes.
  • Philadelphia freedom

    By Love2shop!
    I'm 40 & this will ALWAYS be my favorite song #loveEJ4eva
  • Genius.

    By Veronica Long Island Ny
    Elton John is a Genius I love Elton John I been a fan since way back when he started . You must buy his music they do not make music like they did in the past which was the the best. .
  • Elton John

    By Public Monday
  • This album has more number ones then the Beatles 1s dose

    By Smokey zc
    From early in his career to later its an amazing line up of songs that dosent disappoint. If your an Elton john fan then u cant go without this.
  • Best Album Full of His Hits

    By Tiffany Kahn
    Its a good album full of hits! Never get tired of Elton John! I recommend you to see him in concert if you have a chance! Its a great exprience! He thanks everyone after every song in concerts!
  • Tiny dancer

    By Batts0719
    Absolutely in love with this song