Last of a Dyin' Breed - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Last of a Dyin' Breed

Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2012-08-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2012 The All Blacks U.S.A., Inc.


Title Artist Time
Last of a Dyin' Breed Lynyrd Skynyrd 3:51 USD 1.29
One Day At a Time Lynyrd Skynyrd 3:46 USD 1.29
Homegrown Lynyrd Skynyrd 3:41 USD 1.29
Ready to Fly Lynyrd Skynyrd 5:26 USD 1.29
Mississippi Blood Lynyrd Skynyrd 2:57 USD 1.29
Good Teacher Lynyrd Skynyrd 3:07 USD 1.29
Something to Live For Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:29 USD 1.29
Life's Twisted Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:33 USD 1.29
Nothing Comes Easy Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:13 USD 1.29
Honey Hole Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:35 USD 1.29
Start Livin' Life Again Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:26 USD 1.29


  • Awesome!

    By Jeannie1723
    If you love Lynyrd Skynyrd you will love this album! I love ALL of the songs on this album. They are keeping it Lynyrd Skynyrd style, but moving up with new music. I think it was time for them to do this.
  • This Breed died in 77

    By choppman68
    Unlike many diehard LS fans, it never bothered me that they reformed 10 years after the crash. I always felt like that music was/is these guys life and, not to sound "corporate" but their job and livelihood. They at the time, had most of the original members and, they recruited a van Zant to sing. Early on, I thought Johnny tried way to hard to sound exactly like Ronnie, but, down the road, once he started just staying within his range, and embraced his OWN voice, I thought he sounded much better, even breathing new life into some of the classic tunes. Problem was, and is whenever they release new material, not only has it not stood up to the old stuff, it isn't even very good by any standard. Their first album 1991, was just well, bad. The acoustic album "the last rebel" put a different spin on some of the old tunes, and the new tunes showed some promise. After that record, original guys started dropping like flies.and the rumors were flying that Ronnie's widow, who had final say on the use of the name, either wanted a bigger cut, or wanted them to quit using the name. Seems that shortly after the plane crash, the surviving members had signed some legal document to not use the name, with Judy holding final say. It came out that in that first decade after the reunion, that Judy had agreed to allow them to use the name, but, she got a FULL band cut for ALL LS related music, touring, merchandising, etc. By this time, original guitarist Ed King had been replaced and the split wasnt amicable. I think all of the business considerations affected the music a lot. They released a string of blah studio albums, but their bread and butter remained with touring and playing the classics. Fast forward to the last 3 years. They released "God and Guns" which, to a diehard fan like myself, was really SHOCKING at the obvious use of the severe political divide in the country as an OBVIOUS attempt to not only cash in on the whole marriage of southern rock/modern country but to also pander to the thinly veiled racism of the extreme right wing political ideology.. The music itself was mostly a mess. The first "single" was stil unbroken, which was an attempt to be "heavy enough" to get some modern rock radio spins, while releasing the redneck call to arms of "that aint my America" to the country crowd. I realize that LS had always embraced a wide variety of styles, but, apparently running out of any fresh ideas to write songs that could actually sell some records, they worked with outside writers including John 5. The new record last of a dying breed is just more of the same with the exception of the political aspect being toned down a bit. I bring up the political stuff because I think RVZ would be rolling over in his grave. even on the odd occasion that RVZ penned a tune about politics or guns, or the environment, he never sat their in judgement really. He told a story without landing on a particular 'side" of the debate. If he did, he usually fell on the side of tolerance. Musically, what they are doing is just really basic bland country/rock tunes. gary Rossington, while being involved in some of LS's best known tunes and hits,listening to his post crash output, makes me wonder exactly how much he really contributed to those songs back in the day. Comparing the songs that either Allen Collins, Ed King, or Steve Gaines wroteor, co-wrote with Rossington usually were the standout tracks. The tunes solely written by Gary, for the most part, seemed to be album filler in retrospect. ( RVZ handled all lyrics of course ) Tes, there are some exceptions, "Whats your name" being a good example of one of Gary's best stand alone tunes. I think since Ed King left for good in 95, LS has been more of a business entity than anything considering they have released about 200 live albums, which for them is totally unnecessary because unlike a band like the Allman Bros., they stick to same arrangements, no deviation at all, so how many different "crowd noise's" does anyone REALLY want to hear during Alabama, or Breeze? They also did a GASP Christmas album! ( it doesnt get much more cheesy than that) They release all of these live records and different "greatest hit " packages because they know most of us Skynyrd fans are also collectors and want any release with that iconic name on it. With all of the criticism I have leveled at them, I still to this day go see them once every summer because well, they kill it live every town every night. Even though I know in my heart that RVZ wouldnt approve of some of their music, or decisions, Hearing great songs like Curtis Lowe, or Cry for the bad man, performed by great musicians never gets old. BUT if you want to hear some great NEW Southern Rock, avoid the new LS album, and pick up the new Blackberry Smoke album, or grab any Black Crowes album. That would be money well spent

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