Birthday - ClariS



  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-04-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2010 (2),2011(5,7),2012(1,3,4,6,8-12) SME Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Sayonara wa Iwanai ClariS 4:54 USD 0.99
Irony ClariS 4:18 USD 0.99
Koijishaku ClariS 4:52 USD 0.99
Memory ClariS 4:29 USD 0.99
Nexus ClariS 4:51 USD 0.99
Flowery ClariS 5:25 USD 0.99
Connect ClariS 4:30 USD 0.99
Promise ClariS 4:57 USD 0.99
Graduation ClariS 5:46 USD 0.99
Treasure ClariS 4:20 USD 0.99
Naisho no Hanashi ClariS 4:21 USD 0.99
Zutto ClariS 4:59 USD 0.99


  • Actually Fantastic J-Pop

    By Rock and Roll Forever!
    You know, for a long time, I felt really conflicted about Japanese music. It's a fact that the Idol industry is an atrocious sexist institution that Japan would be better off without. Madoka Magica, the opening of which is the centerpiece of this album, "Connect," makes that argument very subtley. If there was ever an example of how to do the whole "Idol" thing correctly, its ClariS, and you can learn all about that elsewhere. The actual singers are pretty much shrouded in mystery, all I know is that they're ridiculously young, or at least they were when this came out. Their approach to "idoldom" is fantastic because it relies on the music and not appearances. And that music is pretty fantastic. It took me a few listens to really get into this album and it didn't help that its nearly an hour long. I'm not used to listening to a lot of pop, I more of noise rock, shoegaze, punk rock, post punk and psychedelic rock kind of guy. But I loved this album, and not just the two tracks I recognized from anime! These are ridiculously interesting songs, they each have quite a few things going on musically. Check out the rhythm guitar(?) on promise, to use an example from a track not affiliated with an anime. The highlight, however, is always Claire and Alice's vocals.The songs that were used in anime, especially Connect and Naisho no Hanashii, are going to be the favorites, but the rest of the album is much much more than just filler. I just want to say that Naisho no Hanashii rocks out in magnificent fashion. This is an extremely charming album and I'm glad that it is part of my life
  • Love it

    By steeleddragon
  • My ClariS music album can't possibly be those awesome!

    By Hungover2612
    Straight outta the anime guys. Though I do prefer an Ayase ending.
  • Finally!!

    By Otaku fans unite
    I myself am an otaku but, this is the greatest music I have ever heard.
  • YES!!💗💗connect

    By Iluvwolves143
    I love the anime and the songs 😭 im so happy!
  • YES!!

    By AshMutt
    I watch madoka magica ( an amazing anime) and in the episodes (because there are movies,CDs, and episodes) connect is the opening song. I loved this song because I watched the episodes before the movie. (Which is what you are supposed to do unless you want to be totally confused) so I searched this on iTunes and it is here! I wish there was more anime/Japanese songs on iTunes though. But really they need more Japanese song on iTunes. But so glad they had this song! ClariS is awesome! Sorry if this is really long.
  • i love claris

    By Mado☆Magi
    nice song’s
  • About Time!

    By Kelly🐱
    Yay for ClariS! So happy! Now let's get some AKB48, yes?
  • I'm an otaku need I say more

    By kyle Matthews
    Need I say more....
  • I like this album very much

    By Yuileroy
    Love ClariS!