In Through the Out Door (Remastered) - Led Zeppelin

In Through the Out Door (Remastered)

Led Zeppelin

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1979-08-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 7

  • ℗ 1979 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company. Marketed by Rhino E


Title Artist Time
In the Evening Led Zeppelin 6:53 USD 1.29
South Bound Saurez Led Zeppelin 4:13 USD 1.29
Fool In the Rain Led Zeppelin 6:10 USD 1.29
Hot Dog Led Zeppelin 3:18 USD 1.29
Carouselambra Led Zeppelin 10:34 USD Album Only
All My Love Led Zeppelin 5:53 USD 1.29
I'm Gonna Crawl Led Zeppelin 5:29 USD 1.29


  • Departure from their heavier sound but still great

    By Jschr42613
    This isn’t like the heavier rock of their earlier albums. It has some Latin, blues, jazz, and even country. This album allowed Zeppelin to experiment and show a different side of themselves musically.
  • Ramble on

    By RobPA63
    My favorite Zep LP. Zeppelin once again explores new musical space. Fool in the Rain is a great example of this. Way to go mates.
  • Underrated Masterpiece

    By RocknRollisntdead
    So many people rate this album with a closed mindset. Yes, it is not the strongest or most popular album that Zep released, but this album is extremely diverse and it brings out something great from each of the artists. Plant's voice on this album shows his insane vocal range, further proving he is one of the most talented vocalists in rock. It is up to opinion weather you like his voice or think it is annoying. Regardless of what some may find his voice to sound like, there is no denying how his now-mature voice absolutely fills up each song with power and ability to sing so many different styles of music. The lyrics in this album are one of Plant's greatest works of art. Songs such as, "All of my Love," which was wrote for his son, who was killed during their 1977 tour, reach out and touch the listener in a different way then Zeppelin has done before. One of the biggest criticisms of this album is how there is not much guitar, which is true in tracks such as "Fool in the Rain." However, Page's intricate solos in this album do provide a much needed spark in this album. Like it or not, some of his most talented work lies in this album and it's predecessor, Presence. (another very underrated album) The reason many people do not appreciate this album is perhaps because Jimmy is not playing the lead instrument in many of the songs. This album does capture each one of the artists' talents equally, especially Jones: someone who is often just seen as another one of the band members. This album surely proves that John Paul Jones is a crucially important member of Led Zeppelin. His work on keyboard, bass, and synth empower every song, thus building the power of how Led Zeppelin will be remembered. Of course, Bonzo's addition to this album is just as thundering as it is in every Zeppelin album. With heavy fills put wherever he can fit them, Bonham continues to bring more and more attention to the percussive part of each song. Personally, this is not my favorite Led Zeppelin album, as it is not really what you think of when you want to hear a Led Zep classic. However this album is one of their, if not the best showcase of how well each musician works together and shines their other-worldly talent.

    By SomeGuyS0meWhere
  • Great Album

    By Pinstriper76
    Not my fav Zep album, but it's still a good album. How many artists would love to have as much air play Fool in the rain and All of my love has gotten over the years?
  • Fool In The Rain

    By LenoxDaKid
    Technically every Zeppelin album is a masterpiece.. Well except for Coda but let me just tell you how good fool in the rain is!!
  • The transition album

    By jmac3142
    Overall a pretty good effort. It's interesting to hear what the band would have sounded like transitioning into the 80's. Most of the heavy lifting was done by Jones and Plant, probably because Page was a heroin mess at this point. Either way, there's no real filler here other than "hot dog" which was done for fun. The hardcore "old" zep fans usually hate this album due to it's fairly commercial appeal, but in my opinion it's the transition to what zep of the 80's would have sounded like........a more commercial sound closer to Plant's solo 80's albums. More keys....and an ambient tone played by top notch muscians.
  • Not as bad as everyone says it is!

    By Musicianman2501
    This is not their disappointment album, Coda is. Title is true. Production, technically is good, but stylistically ok. The album cover is cool and describes what the band went through. 1. In the Evening: 10/10; Great song, great vocals, just great! 2. South Bound Saurez: 4/10; Meh, doesn't do it, but bad vocals tho. 3. Fool In the Rain: 10/10; Very underrated song and has a great guitar solo! 4. Hot Dog: 6/10; I have to say this song is as funny as hell😂😂😂 5. Carouselambra: 3/10; Worst Zeppelin song ever! It sounds like the Casio Keyboard that everyone owned in the 80's, it's irritating and terrible! Enough said! 6. All My Love: 10/10; Very beautiful, and great song. RIP Karac Plant: 1972-1977. 7. I'm Gonna Crawl: 10/10; Great way to end the album! Great blues song. Overall rating off the album: 7.5/10; Not as bad as everyone says it is, even though it's not the greatest album, and one of the weakest ones, it's better than Presence and Coda. Recommended Tracks: In the Evening Fool In the Rain All My Love I'm Gonna Crawl
  • tremendously underrated album

    By gettintheledout24/7365
    a lot of people view this as their least favorite album, and honestly i have no idea why. it maynot be as flashy or well-known as some other albums of theirs but when you know just how fragile the band was when this record came out, it's amazing that they were able to make one. Robert's son died 2 years previous, he didn't sing at all for a while and he seriously contemplated quitting the band because he was so distraught. How he sings on this record is basically just him "getting his feet wet" again. Jimmy was battling a drug addiction, bonzo was drinking himself to death.....basically the only clear-headed member of the band was JPJ. I think when you listen to this record with that in mind you learn to appreciate it more. now i love zeppelin, they've been my favorite band my whole life but the first time i heard this record i was appalled because it didn't sound like them....but after learning the backstory as well as giving it a few listens i appreciate it much, much more. led zeppelin rocks
  • A good one, but not their best

    By Brybarion
    I love Zeppelin but 99.7 the Fox in North Carolina Killed fool in the rain for me and the Houses of the Holy album. They play the sames ones over and over and over again. I know Zep put out more great songs than what they play. For some, it doesnt get old. For me, I dont care if I ever hear it again.