So What - Joe Walsh

So What

Joe Walsh

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1993-03-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 1993 Geffen Records


Title Artist Time
Welcome to the Club Joe Walsh 5:11 USD 0.99
Falling Down Joe Walsh 4:58 USD 0.99
Pavanne Joe Walsh 1:58 USD 0.99
Time Out Joe Walsh 4:27 USD 0.99
All Night Laundry Mat Blues Joe Walsh 1:03 USD 0.99
Turn to Stone Joe Walsh 3:51 USD 1.29
Help Me Thru the Night Joe Walsh 3:40 USD 0.99
County Fair Joe Walsh 6:50 USD 0.99
Song for Emma Joe Walsh 4:40 USD 0.99


  • County Fair: Old Rocker's: buy it!

    By Jimmyjrt
    Amazing Album!
  • Joe was

    By Psyclone
    so beyond the Eagles it is mindblowing.
  • So What

    By aintitgoodtobealive
    It’s hard to say which is better, So What or The Smoker You Drink, the Player Your Get. I think So What gets the nod although it didn’t have the huge break out hit.
  • Song for Emma

    By dpc32724
    Always wondered about this song when I bought the album when it first came out. It wasn't til years later that I found out out that Emma was Joe's young daughter who was killed in a car accident just before this album was made. At the time Joe never talked about it in interviews. After following Joe since the first James Gang Album in 1969. I though that something just wasn't right with him. Sounded a bit depressed. After hearing about his daughter, it made sense to me then. It's hard to hide a broken heart. Dom C.
  • Joe Walsh Ascendent

    By CaveDweller1
    This is one of the must have classics of the seventies. The album, arguably Walsh's best, came just before the music scene became drenched in big stadium bombast and the distractions of cocaine. It is a well crafted work of a talented but haunted man at his very peak. I remember the first time I heard the album on a set of Bose 901s driven by a Mac tube amp. It was revelatory, exposing every musical and sonic nuance Walsh crafted into the album. This is an album every rock fan needs in their playlist. It is worth the investment, especially on CD where the true depth of the music can be heard and appreciated.
  • Time to re-assess

    By edzep54
    I was in the Army when this came out... liked it somewhat but not as much as the 2 that preceded it... hearing it a bit differently 39 years on down the road... glad to see Joe back in action these days... To those wondering why 'Life's Been Good' was 'left off'... it wasn't - the song didn't come out for another 3 years after this album was released...
  • Great Songwriting!

    By EVHWylde
    If you overlook one or two jokes on here, this is as good as anything the Eagles EVER put out, with or without Joe. I just watched a Showtime documentary on the Eagles, where Joe said he was in awe of Don and Glen. Even going so far as to say he could never dream of writing anything half as good as them. Obviously he forgot about this album and The Smoker You Drink. When I listen to this album I am in awe of Joe's songwriting, and of course his guitar playing. If you've never heard this album do yourself a favor and buy it now.
  • So What

    By Tallen62
    This music moves me...
  • Joe Walsh/Thanks

    By brackie55
    One of my favorite songs. Was the song that kept running through my head after my first real date in my youth. To this day I am transported back to that night, the memories, innocense of the time and the feelings of that moment.
  • Simply Said - Masterful

    By Bill Appel
    Joe Walsh is part serious guitar ace and part clown. Ok, maybe not that extreme in parts. Serious and detailed guitar ace though for sure that likes to have a good time with different sonics, styles and sounds in detailing his song craft to reflect exactly what's in his head. This ambitious 1975 release successfully picked up with a bit harder overall rock edge than that of his previous classic and one of my personal favorite albums of all-time, "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get". "So What" , also one of my personal favorite all-time albums, contains some of his best work as well. When Joe cools down on his clowning, goofy part of his persona and gets to his 'serious' side, his songwriting prowess is first-class terrific as well. His unique guitar style and use of detailed, carefully placed sonics and sounds are simply spectacular. Just check out the gorgeous suite "Pavanne", the cookin' "Time Out", the romantic, heartfelt "Help Me Make It Through The Night", the flat out rockin' of "Turn to Stone", the smooth "Falling Down", the touching "Country Fair", the deep driving groove of "Welcome To The Club" and probably my personal all-time pick for the greatest, heartfelt ballad, "Song For Emma"- Joe's extremely personal and sad 'Goodbye' tribute to losing his young daughter. Of course nothing would be complete without Joe's clowning side as the stoney "All Night Laundry Mat Blues" provides a jolly laugh. Again, this overall album proves why Joe Walsh is an All-Time Ace.

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